In Conversation With: Serial Entrepreneur,’s Amy Schrier

Amy is a serial entrepreneur who looks for opportunities to use visual innovation to form powerful media brands. She’s the Cofounder and CEO of, a digital and mobile platform about social action and travel, and previously she founded BLUE, an award-winning adventure sports and lifestyle content brand. An optimist who jumps at any chance to travel the world, Amy loves a challenge as well as surfing and yoga (just don’t invite her bowling). She lives by the motto: “Try everything in life once, and the fun things twice.” — Ziggy....more

Are you a CEO trapped in the mind of an Employee?

When I first began my journey as an entrepreneur, I was exposed to many challenges. The most prevalent of those challenges was my own inability to conform from the mindset of an employee into the mindset of a CEO. Although I had the desires to run my own company and build a successful organization, there were still parts of me that were ingrained with the employee mentality....more

The Joy in Tracheotomy: How Lyme Disease Made Me Stronger

A funny thing happened to our scalable business model when I got a tracheotomy. It got stronger. Teams of people who currently hadn't known each other before started working together. When people couldn't turn to me, they found some else to help figure it out. All those connection points we've been building, all the networks we were putting in place, our team stepped in and made them stronger. And mine did, too. ...more
I hope you make a fast and full recovery.  And I'm going to start taking ticks a lot more ...more

Dear Marissa Mayer: Two Steps Forward, Let's Make it Three

Whether Marissa Mayer realizes it or not, the way she treats maternity leave will serve as an example for all woman looking for a path, for those women who do not want to "gap" their ambition, but also want to enjoy being a parent. To be sure, Marissa is not a typical woman and her dilemma is not an easy one. But, I am a big believer that macro change is most likely to have an impact by starting at the top, with the most visible examples, however unusual the circumstances. ...more
1yr is ideal. more

(VIDEO) The BlogHer '11 Keynote with Indra Nooyi: Watch Now!

We here at BlogHer were proud to host Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo as our lunchtime keynote at BlogHer '11 in San Diego. ...more
@pepsico So many quotables & highlights, but my fave parts were her definition of "performance ...more

How Howard Schultz Managed To Enhance Starbucks´ Soul

Howard Schultz is everywhere now. At least from three reasons. Starbucks celebrated its 40th birthday on March 30th. Howard recently released his second book "Onward....more

Strategies to Handle a PR Crisis with Social Media

In this article, Web Success Team contributors Robert Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss strategies for handling public relations crises through social media. Companies and employees make mistakes. Products sometimes malfunction and services occasionally don’t live up to customer expectations. If the press catches on to your misfortunes, the quickest way to address it is through social media....more

The Case Against the Flawed (almost) SAHM - SAHM Project - Entry Seven

Self-evaluation is never easy. No one likes to admit when, or how many times, they are wrong. This is especially true for me. But, self-evaluation is necessary for any real, beneficial changes to occur in ones behaviors. And it seems on days that I am most adament about avoiding the blemishes on my character, my husband turns into a gigantic, gaudy mirror, waiting with baited breath to point out that I'm not as sweet as I claim to be. ...more