We went on a family outing to our local Chuck E. Cheese's over the weekend as a promise to our children, one of which reminded us of this every chance he got for an entire week. Truth be told, going there on a Saturday night was not something I was looking forward to....more

My Conundrum

co-nun-drum            1: an intricate and difficult problem.                                                                          2 : a question or problem having only a conjectural answer.  ...more


I'm calling my blog "FINDING MAXINNE" because it's time...Time to find myself after years of losing myself to infertility, being what I thought a wife "should" be and being what I thought a mother "should" be. Like many women, I found myself questioning,"Who am I and how in the hell did I get here?". Somewhere during the years between being diagnosed with infertility and ultimately having my little girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy I lost my identity. This is not about returning to who I once was, but becoming who I really am.~Yours Truly...more
@Finding Maxinne Yes! We LOVE BlogHer. And, YOU! Keep posting. We are watching for you, Fondly, ...more

Welcome and About Me

I am a girl living life for Jesus Christ. I work as a booking agent for Devotional Diva and Modeling Christ, and love to help others use their gifts to glorify the Lord. I enjoy writing, and desire to be a voice for the disabled in society....more
Welcome! Blogher is a wonderful community! If you need to get familiar with the site scroll down ...more

One Mom's Dispatch from The Land of Not Okay

Hello Land of Okay,You may not remember us. Or maybe you do remember us and wonder why we don't come to visit more often. Or maybe you don't know us well enough to realize that we've moved....more
I especially loved your last paragraph. {sigh}more


This is my first post, here.I kept seeing people mention this site on blogger. A blogger I follow just published an E-book and he mentioned here again so I figure, what the heck, let me give it a try. Like I need another one.  HA!By the way, you can find the E-book which is for new and old bloggers. He gives great information. Check it out at: www.TheSimpleDude.com.This blog, as my others, will be about my life. I am a mom of a 18, almost 19 year old college student, who means the world to me. I live with my domestic partner of going on 3 years....more

Happy Birthday Sweet 16s


Parenting Kids With Cerebral Palsy

I'm used to Leo's quirks, I'm comfortable with them, they're just one part of the boy I love so much. But there's as much of an onus on me as there is on anyone else to get more familiar with other children with special needs and their stories. With that in mind, I asked three parents of children with cerebral palsy to tell us about their kids. ...more
i am new to this site - i have kid - girl aged 14 years - 100% orthopedic - excellent in ...more