Thompson, Adelia

 "Are you gonna give me a shot?""Well, what we're gonna do is put a mask over your face, give you this really yummy syrup to drink, and it'll make you sleepy like you're in the clouds…then when you're sleeping we'll put the I.V….""So you're gonna give me a shot."...more

Out With the Old...In With the New


A Referral to Another Doctor (For Increased Tone and Toe Walking)

As you all know, Jax has been in Physical Therapy for the last five months to help him learn to move: roll, crawl, stand, and eventually, walk. He loves his Therapist and the sessions seem like play time for him, so he doesn't mind them one bit. I really like his Therapist, too, because she does a great job of explaining what she's doing and why. She also gives good suggestions for activities for us to do at home....more

Getting Beat by the Blind Kid with Cerebral Palsy

My nephew Ben was born prematurely with cerebral palsy. His seventeen years have been punctuated by painful operations. He has faced each one with courage and grace, hardly complaining, occasionally admitting that it doesn’t feel so great to have been dealt this hand. But his sly smile and hearty laughter show up more often than his complaints.Recently, he went blind....more

The CSE Meeting: Just because it's said doesn't make it true!

"Well...we can work on that if you'd like, but I think she'll always need someone to feed her".  Those were the words that have been echoing in my thoughts ever since they were said by a therapist at Felicity's CSE meeting last Friday.  You may think my primal reaction would have been to inflict physical harm to this person, but it wasn't.  I was too shocked to respond at all.Period...So in that moment I did not.  The fact remains that this is a possibility...However, it is also possible that one day she WILL independently feed herself.  At 6 years old I think it is...more

She Always Gets What She Wants

"She always gets what she wants!" Ryan yells as I am letting Felicity pick yet another TV show.   *Sigh*...I know that's what it feels like to him.   In some respects he isn't wrong and he will never know how much guilt I carry for not being able to give him more....more

Using the "R" Word Does Not Make You Witty! ~An Open Letter to the Unenlightened

Here it goes...If you are someone who uses the word "retard" and you think it's funny...It's not! If you are someone who uses it to insult another person...shame on you! If you think combining words like "fuck" and "tard" are clever...It is not! And if you believe using made up words like "sped" are cute...let me be the first to tell you that you're dead wrong! As a special education para-professional these words have always made me cringe. Anyone who knows me really well can tell you...Just ask my husband!...more