Maybe I DO need an iPad after all

So I've mostly pooh-poohed the idea of the iPad - I mean sure, they look really cool and fun to play with and stuff, but did I NEED one? No. I've got 2 pcs and a netbook. I can't afford an iPhone or any kind of smart phone, but I haven't really noticed that I'm missing out on anything except playing Angry Birds or word games and frankly I don't have time for that anyway. But then today, I saw that the iPad has apps for disabled kids. I teared up at the thought that after 15 years, I might finally be able to communicate with my non-verbal son. ...more

No Doctor, I do NOT agree with your assessment of my child!

My aunt had a daughter, her name was Rachel. She would be 30 years old today if she were still alive. When she was a baby, before she turned one she started getting sick a lot and she started bruising easily. My aunt and her husband took her in to the doctors and hospital numerous times. So many times in fact that they started to accuse them of making her sick and harming her. They even called child protective services on them. They had to fight what felt like everyone to figure out what was wrong with their daughter....more

I have had a couple of run-ins with some bad doctors - once for my son and once for me. The ...more

all about CP Athetoid Dyskinetic



Winterproofing Kids Who Don't Get Cold

My son's internal thermostat is busted, which is not surprising; atypical sensory perceptions are common in but not limited to people with autism. Since Leo doesn't care about being cold and he's also sensitive to clothing textures, we've got ourselves a boy who prefers to be all naked, all the time -- and who, if we're not vigilant, frequently is....more

My son Jack has no thermometer.  He doesn't know if he's hot or cold.  But he gets ...more

Core Strengthening Kids

This past summer my mama pride was nearly overwhelming at my 6-year-old Zoe’s triumphant first day as a surfer girl. It is enough of an accomplishment for anyone to get up on a surf board for the first time, but what made the event even more incredible was that Zoe has been in physical therapy since she was 3 because of a low tone trunk and  balance issues....more

Frank Talk About Special Needs and Hygiene

Most parents fret about their kids' hygiene and how it is affected by factors like circumcision, tooth brushing, or toilet training. Said fretting escalates when the kids in question have special needs, but hygiene doesn't have to be the skunk cabbage in the special needs bouquet -- not if parents do their best to understand why our kids' hygiene can be complicated, encourage self-care, recognize that not all hygiene needs will be rooted in special needs, and help make self-care part of a routine. ...more

Thanks for the kind responses. I really do think it's important to discuss such things openly ...more

How raising a kid with special needs affects your marriage

This morning, I was trying to get up a flight of stairs at the train station only there was an elderly couple in front of me moving in slow-mo. As I trudged up behind them, going at their pace, I noticed how gently the husband was cupping his wife's elbow. Then they got to a landing, and as I darted around them I heard him say to her, in the sweetest way, "Are you tired, sweetheart? We can rest here a while." ...more

Pass The Whine

"There's venting and then there's whining...and then you've got my favorite combination, Venti Wine."-- Me   I KNOW, I know, I hate it when people whine whine whine about their same shit all the time. But then again we ALSO know that I'm just as big a hypocrite as the next person and IT IS DIFFERENT WHEN IT IS ME, right? Right. I have TWELVE draft posts just sitting there because they were all whiny and annoying and I couldn't even stand to re-read them myself, let alone post the things.   ...more

miracles in action

***This is a re-post from last year (and the year before! ...more