Principal Knows Best: A Ban on Home Packed School Lunches

Home Baked Treats I vividly remember my mother baking cakes, cookies and other treats to take to school for birthdays and holiday parties....more

‘Get drunk, get naked and BE somebody!’

The ladies came together and bedlam ensued. The scenery changes, but the revelry remains a constant in the lives of all of them. Two ladies touched down in a newly-chilled Boston, anxious to begin some seriously overdue face-time with their east coast counterparts. The cobble-stoned streets of the North End, lit up with holiday anticipation, fueled the overall excitement of the reunion as the thought of alcohol coating their throats quickened their steps....more

Recycled and Green Crafters: Communities and Blogs

Recap: as part of the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Wallet series, each of my Saturday posts will examine a different way to look at recycled artists and crafters.  This week: discussion and inspiration of green or recycled craft from communities, forums or blogs. ...more

love that dress. maybe i'll make myself a dress for blogher! an excellent idea. mine wont be as ...more