Thrift Store Chair Makeover-Living On The Upcycle

I spotted this chair in the back of a Goodwill store.  There were various misc items piled on top of it, and It involved quite a bit of work to break this chair free. I was attracted to the chair design  ( The chair featured a fleur de lys) and I loved the detail.  The chair seat was in very rough shape and it would require re-upholstering.  The overall chair frame seemed like it was in ok shape, and I thought enough of this chair to assume the risk....more

Today's Short List

This is an exercise to perform every day and, just to make it challenging, every day name five different things from the previous days...never repeat. Of course that is impossible as some things will come up and who could possibly remember if it was mentioned before. But I'm ducking the question....more
@victorias_view I feel like I've listened to them all my life...then again, when I was a child ...more

Mother's Day

I was thinking the other day of moments spent with my mom because there have been plenty and I can't count how many times my mom has been the light in the crowd that stood out to me, well at my graduation for instance. Usually it seems like her hand is two feet tall, waving loud and clear in a sea of onlookers in a crowd of people for an event for me or my brother....more

Fabric is fun, But yardages aren't.

Let me just start by saying that "Railroaded fabric is your friend." That is the way the fabric will be placed on your piece. If the pattern is regular or "up the roll" then you or your upholsterer will have to turn the fabric, to make the pattern face right way up. this causes more waste, and you will have to buy more yardage. ...more

Free DNA

I pass this strip club everyday, to and from work. It looks as though they've recently remodeled the inside of their establishment, which apparently includes the addition of new chairs. ...more