Hobby Lobby DIY

Hey there friends! I have been so busy doing ten projects at once, that I haven’t had time to stop and tell you about them! It is official, I have given my loving husband a break on painting and took over. Turns out, it’s not so bad if you use a mini roller! So my guest bath, dining room, and game room are all in the process of makeovers. However, that is not what I am showing you today. (Well, maybe a sneak peek..) Today I want to show you another Hobby Lobby clearance D.I.Y....more

How I Organized my Life with this DIY Aqua & Gold Chalkboard Calendar

I would absolutely describe myself as a gal that likes to keep organized. I find comfort in knowing what I’m doing tomorrow, next week and even next month! With SO many things on the go, my calendar is my lifeline really … it’s how I keep everything spinning in my head straight. I’ve used a traditional paper calendar for years now and it works, but if I’m being honest, I really don’t like how it turns into such a jumbled mess as plans change....more

Mother's Day Free Printables

i made a chalkboard printable last year and it went so well i thought you might like another ;) ...more

DIY easy magnetic chalkboard wall!

i just revealed my new workspace here, or as you all helped me to decide to call it my "studio". and as promised i am sharing how i covered the wall behind my desk with magnetic chalkboards!...more

it's about the process

this is particularly hard for me.i just want to get there!i just want to have already learned everything i need to know for web design, and not deal with the uphill battle of constantly studying an ever changing field while managing life and home....more

Easy DIY Framed Chalkboard

I must admit my DIY chalkboard has been one of my favorite projects that I have done lately!  I was inspired to write about it today as C and I are off to Menards to get supplies for our next project since the temperature is currently above zero.  I need reminders why I live here again?!?!  Anyway, how I came to make my chalkboard came from inspiration to have something to write monthly milestones on for C each month.  Pinterest had a lot of cute ideas as to different chalkboards so I went looking for one....more

Household Message Center

I couldn't find a message center for my kitchen that I liked, so I decided to make one. I used chalkboard vinyl, a roll of cork, scrap papers and some other supplies I had.Check out the full post/tutorial on my blog, here. ...more

DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Chalkboard paint has become all the rage. And it's uses for creating home decor pieces that you can personalize with the swipe of a piece of chalk have become seemingly endless. I love this idea for spray painting wine bottles and then personalizing them with a faux label or design. ...more
Fun article.  I found chalkboard labels the other day at Staples..Cant' wait to try them out.  I ...more

Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday conveniences.

In our effort to save the earth, many of use have turned to recycling and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products that fit into our lifestyle. Cloth napkins replacing paper towels, handmade laundry soap versus chemical laden detergents, and re-usable grocery sacks in lieu of plastic grocery bags. However, there's one thing our busy life styles are loathe to let go, and that is the convenience of many throw away products....more