Chalkboard Mason Jar Lids for your Storage Needs

Since Mike and I have been juicing I've been in need of a labeling system. We like to make juice without recipes and just try as we go so when the juice is done and we throw it in the fridge to enjoy later we usually forget exactly what's inside. Enter Chalkboard Mason Jar Lids......more
What a great idea!more

Easy DIY with Empty Bottles

Annie Sloan C...more

Painting a Door - Not Your Average Paint Job

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Now that the nice weather is here, we are spending more and more time out by the pool.  One of the best things we ever did was build a pool house next to the pool with a small kitchenette and bathroom....more

How to paint a chalkboard wall

My fiance and I have four grandchildren between us, so when we bought a home together last year we wanted it to be a place where they'd want to come and have loads of fun so I decided to turn a big blank wall in the living into a chalkboard.  I looked around the web a bit for advice and saw so many great ideas for chalkboard paint: refrigerators, dressers, even wine bottles can be painted and decorated with chalk!  I saw this paint mentioned several times in the how-to's: ...more
@widdlewade44 It's such a fun little project widdlewade (love that handle). Post pics if you do ...more

DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Chalkboard paint has become all the rage. And it's uses for creating home decor pieces that you can personalize with the swipe of a piece of chalk have become seemingly endless. I love this idea for spray painting wine bottles and then personalizing them with a faux label or design. ...more
Fun article.  I found chalkboard labels the other day at Staples..Cant' wait to try them out.  I ...more

Gotta Make It: Cookie Pan Chalkboard

"If you don't like the food...have more wine" ...more