What Did You Make This Year?

We finally received all of the forms and documentation we need to file our taxes. (Fun times!) I work a part-time job with a local business that allows me the privilege to stay home with my kids during the day. It's not a bad arrangement. I get time away from my offspring (which helps me maintain my frail grasp on sanity), and I get money in exchange for the favor....more

A Letter to My Son's Punk "Friends" (You Might Need A Little Perspective On What Poverty Is)

 Dear So-Called "Friends" of My Younger Son, I am disgusted with you.  I mean really, REALLY disgusted.  (You can ask my family about the tirade they had to endure when I discovered the little piece of information that I'm getting ready to share with you.  It wasn't pretty.)  ...more

Blowing Past the Dead End Signs of Life...

                                  "Discoveries are often made by...going off the main road, by trying  the untried." -Frank Tyger Yesterday found us with fists full of lava rock, faces grazing a rock wall with a stomach lurching drop off only inches away.  This was in no way part of our plans for the day and of all things it started with a dead end sign.  Now normally we would never recommend that anyone, ever, under any circumstance ignore a road sign.  That bit of disclosure done, we’ll acknowledge that dead end signs are really more of a great bit of information; a warning to save a driver potential time and hassle.  Dead end signs usually look alike, but they can truly be a “treasure located here” sign; hidden in plain sight.  Let me explain…...more