Change Leadership: Maximizing your ROL (Return on Luck)

Sure, sometimes you’re the lucky recipient of spontaneous innovation, but according to business gurus, consistently good innovators actually have strategies for leveraging luck (the good and the bad) when it trips across their paths....more

The Perils of "Easy" Consensus: Leaders, Do Your Job

Throughout my career I’ve had experiences with government, nonprofit and corporate cultures, and I’ve noticed a leadership pattern in all three that any leader can learn from.Consensus means different things to different people. Be brave. Do Your Job.Don’t take the ”easy” path....more

How to Avoid "Killing" Yourself Professionally During the Process of Change

Changes can change the status for the better or worse. How do we make sure we drive change that delivers our progress? The other day I was running a workshop with a team of people who were going through a tough time, while their company was taken over by a new owner and their personal future was unknown.  People were asking themselves “Why does it happen to me?...more

Sustainability of Management Job at Present

Hot topic today - partially due to economical crisis. Too many of my LinkedIn contacts have within last few months changed their job titles. Becoming consultants, experts or investors instead of CEOs/Board members. The leadership market is changing. One can observe the cheaper and younger replace the more expensive and the experienced....more