"Bully": MPAA Deems Reality of High School Too Violent for High Schoolers

The battle for the controversial documentary to reach audiences is getting bloody, and at its center are an indie mogul, a rating system rife with criticism, and -- perhaps most important -- a grassroots campaign started by a Michigan high schooler to ensure that this important film is seen by her peers....more
We need to have this movie out there. As the mother of a teen that is currently being bullied, I ...more

Walking for Water

When you turned on the tap today to get a drink of water, did you think twice about it?  I know I usually don't.  It's easy to think that water is abundant and everlasting because of the ease in which it flows from our taps. Truth is, only about 1% of our Earth's water is drinkable and almost a billion people on this planet are without access to clean, safe drinking water.  Even worse, every week almost 38,000 children under 5 die from unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions. When I mentioned that fact to my 10-year old he thought I was joking for sure. ...more

we should always feel lucky that we have enough supply of clean water but we should never forget ...more

13 Tips for Mobilizing Online Action

On Monday night I went to a great event, Money, Mobs, and Media: Mobilizing Action for Change, presented by The Hub Bay Area. The panelists were Matt Flannery of Kiva.org, Steve Newcomb of Virgance, and Ben Rattray of Change.org. Regina Connell of SaltCellar moderated. ...more

Change.org Launches Blog Network, And They're Hiring

When Change.org started less than two years ago, its main focus was to be a social network where nonprofits and their supporters could connect and take action. In early October, the network re-launched as a social action blog network. Overseen by Managing Editor, Josh Levy, the network features 12 blogs covering a variety of causes: ...more

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