Attempt To Move On

In the time you are with someone you love, it can be one of the best things you could feel in life until one single moment that changes everything you thought you had.  Betrayal of a lover that you never thought could happen because of the love you have for each other. You begin to feel that this person you once knew is not the person you fell in love with. You feel as if you are laying next to a stranger. No matter the level of betrayal it still causes pain. Pain that can make your mind wonder if anything that you had with the person was real....more

Wars and Rumors of Wars

November 26, Dn. 2:31-45; Lk. 21:5-11...more

Today's Normal, Tomorrow's Abnormal

Today's Normal is Tomorrow's Abnormal Though I'm nowhere near this s...more

Thanks For The Memories Boys !! « Gail's Forum

There's two sides to every story...This is mine ...more

So Sad Monday

     We are a bit behind everyone, in fact we're even late by our own standards.  Today the kids and I packed away the final remnants of Christmas decorations.  Why does this simple  task leave such a sense of gloom over the house? I can't imagine we are the only ones who feel this way....more  Robin, Thanks so much for sharing.  While sympathy is always welcome it is ...more

Driving Change

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. - EE Cummings It's natural for people to blame their boss, their spouse, their job, etc for the horrible time that they are having.  If we changed our thought process and took responsibility for our actions and our thoughts then we would be less inclined to lay blame to situations in our lives.  Positive thinking is not easy for most.  Naturally if you are going through a rough patch at work, home, or the gym; blame is the first thought that can pop into your mind.  ...more

NOT Your Serene Soccer Mama

I always knew I wasn't the average soccer mom on the school playground. I drove a mini-van, arranged playdates, birthday parties, took my children to great parks and activities. I was a good cook, watched their nutrition and helped with homework. My children were all that I ever wanted or needed. I did all the appropriate things for their well being though we were not rich they had a rich life of friends and home. I was a mom with an old alternative side itching to come back out....more


We've got a whole lot of change going on here at the Crazy Train in the next couple of weeks.  I know you've heard the whole "change is good" nonsense that people like to spew about.  Hell, even I make this comment from time to time!  But I don't usually say this in reference to me and mine.  At my house, change is most decidedly B. A. D....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Pay Attention to Your Intentions Today 5-3-12

Juggling two jobs or two lifestyles may feel taxing today.Hold your ground, as indecision may increase your levels of negatives including being argumentative and stubborn.While the forces of life have their effects today, another force is at play: A Spiritual Force.Pay attention to your intentions today, and feel your way through with a positive attitude.Opposing Energies: Argumentative, stubborn, worry, indecisiveness....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Letting Go and Moving On 5-1-12

Lots of change is in the air.If you’re feeling restless, no wonder!Today’s energies indicate a change in lifestyle, a move or travel.Even if the big changes aren’t in your world today, some change to your life or work will affect you in a subtle way.You might be a little irritated and uncomfortable with the way you life appears today, and want more changes.Opposing Energies: unmotivated, impatience, petulant...more