Momma changes...

Many aspects of our lives are unpredictable. Except two things:Our lives will end at some point and during our lives there will be many changes....more
Hi Victoria! I am study public health, with a concentration in Inequities and Gender. Its so ...more

Post-Partum Body Image


This is the next phase of my life.  If I were in Hollywood the press would say that was “re-inventing” myself. I have done that a few times in my life and by all accounts to everyone else my “re- inventions” have been failures. I have tried just about every crazy idea that pops into my head. They may not have been great successes, but I can know that I had an idea, I tried it and when I am 90 years old in a nursing home I won’t  have any ” wish I would haves”  to look back on....more
Well, now that your child(ren) know just how important your "career" was compared to your own ...more

In the Coaching Trenches

If you are in transition, my purpose is to guide you to your strength.   I connect women with their purpose and support them i...more


The first year Ben and I lived together, I was working as a line cook and he was working second shift at a wire factory.  We lived in central Minnesota.  This was 1999.  I would get off at around 9:30 at night, drive home, do a bit of cleaning and watch something awful on TV.  Ben would come home around 11:30 and we would take my Saab to get groceries.  Though we were young and relatively poor, we shopped at the nicest grocery store in town.  We drank French Market coffee, made paella with some frequency, and always bought organic eggs.  ...more

Acts of Loving Kindness

Cece and Yun are thinking about kindness these days.  So many nice things happen each day that they like to take note of them so as to remember that good things do happen, and happen more often than we  take time to notice and to remember!...more

Decision's Made

 Second meeting is done.  We're done for now.  Both of my kids are staying put....more

A great big world out there...for me

It’s been one month since I made a life-altering decision — to end my 4-year relationship with my boyfriend. Those of you who read this know that I’m pretty transparent about my life, but in this instance, I want to keep things relatively brief as it pertains to “what happened.” Bottom line: we were at different stages in our lives, and need to figure out what we want for ourselves and our futures – and it wasn’t exactly matching up. No one did anything wrong. The truth is that he’s been my best friend for seven years, and neither of us want that to change anytime soon....more


The whole thing with Ed got me thinking of the guys who never knew how I felt about them.  Would I ever come clean with them?  I'm not sure how many crushes I've had but these are the ones that come to mind: ...more


"The easiest way to convince my kids that they don't really need something is to get it for them." - Joan Collins Risa is a transition coach who helps women design and achieve positive financial and personal goals.  Visit - ...more