Isa. 2: 1-5  We have begun the "Retreat with Teilhard de Chardin", and as we begin the scripture from Isa. reminds me that the Lord is on the mountain top, we have not reached it, he is calling us forward. I was asked yesterday why I would be an independent Catholic priest when I could be "mainline" with all the benefits--and I laugh and simply say I am new wine with new wine skins--that is what evolution is about changing, growing, developing. My friend Bo when he died left his energy scattered in the people he touched, that is what we all do. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!...more

Changing, Always Changing

*UPDATE: I actually rewrote this post over on my blog. I went into a little more detail if you wanna check it out over there. =)The Journey or The Accomplishment I am not one of those people who dislikes change.Quite the opposite in fact. I love change....more


Song of the Cicada

I am not a bug person. I get a little squeamish when I see spiders and I'd rather not touch slugs if I can help it. I know spiders and slugs aren't technically bugs, but whatever, same difference. So it's strikes me as odd that I'm about to write about a bug for the second time on this blog. Go where the muse takes you, I guess?...more

Home is a State of Mind

For the first 23 years of my life I lived in the quintessentially Midwest town of Kansas City, Missouri. For the last 6 years I have lived in the Northwest with my husband, and for three years before that we lived in the South. But Kansas City is where all my family and every one of my dearest, longest, bestest friends live to this day. My roots in that town are as plentiful and deep as the many potholes in the roads and although I haven't lived there for almost ten years, sometimes I still (absentmindedly) call it "home."...more


 As a child, my two brothers and I loved when our sister baked cakes in her Easy Bake Oven. We constantly peeped into the tiny door inspecting the status of our treat when our sister reminded us that it’s not done yet. We were so excited when the palm size pans were removed from the oven and placed on our kitchen table. My brothers and I would say let’s cut it and our sister on cue said it’s not done yet it has to cool. A short time later we said let’s cut it and once again she said it’s not done yet I have to put the icing on....more

Before and After Changing the Mermaid's Wave painting.

 I have started on a new blog to showcase art and art ideas.  I just got started last week and have been working on ideas to keep it interesting.  I have a great before and after shot of my Mermaid's Wave painting and I tell how I changed and improved my painting.

4 Things I Learned From my Midlife Crisis

By Marjie Killeen, Contributor – Midlife Wisdom (See the intro to Marjie’s series here) This year I’m being proactive and confronting the issues that come with middle age by having a creative midlife crisis.  I’m hoping for all the excitement and transformation without having to experience the destructive drama....more

Hi Marjie,
Your video made me LOL and cringe at same time - I so relate to everything (though I ...more

The 7 Ways Grief Has Changed Me

 My blog is called Finding My New Normal. I started it after my son died to try and sort out my feelings and to try and figure out how to live without him. I've been thinking a lot about how losing my son has changed me. In an effort to find my new normal I think it's important to reflect on what this new me is like. How is she different from the old me? Do I even like her? I suppose that's a question for a different day. But for now, here are the 7 ways that losing my son has changed me....more

Part 2

Sooo....where to begin?  I'm currently feeling a bit boxed in.  That's the only way I can describe it.   I start school in January for a profession that I swore when I was younger I would never enter.  No...not exotic dancing....more