Day 9: Less Whining. More Perspective.

Some days I have to admit that I have a definite toddler side. It isn’t attractive, and I would prefer to keep it to myself, but as I so often say, if it goes without saying I will almost certainly say it someday....more
I enjoy your style and the content made me laugh.  So there are others out there that feel ...more

Lessons learned this side of the Sod: #8 Adjustments

At 23 I could go through a night of the flu, rolled up in a house coat on the floor of the bathroom, grateful for my foresight in cleaning the toilet on the weekend.  By 5:30 after an afternoon catching up on soaps and Columbo, however, I’d be sitting up, taking nourishment. Then making a few phone calls and, by 8:30, going through the closet for something to wear to the club. ...more