Decisions About Someone Else’s Life

So here I am now, sitting at my computer, a complete flubbering mess. This morning, my whole family attended a religious ceremony at my my son’s school (my grade one-er). There we were, all six of us; me, hubby, two grandmothers, two grandfathers, beaming with pride. I was on video camera duty, hubby on regular camera duty. We were all right there, the cheering squad, front row....more

Hanukkah for the Jew-ish

It’s the first night of Hanukkah, and I forgot.  I snickered when I read blogger Yulinka's Kitchen description of her community’s response, “This holiday is usually commemorated by saying “Hey, it’s Hanukkah!” on the second of the eight days and then forgetting about the whole thing. “So here’s my challenge for Hanukkah: how do I raise a Jewish child when I am not a religious Jew? How can we learn together?...more

Check out my latest blog post on how I screwed up one night of Hanukkah in our interfaith ...more

Naomi Less: Shining Her Light, Igniting Change!

check out todays special interview with Jewish Chick Rocker, Educator, Ritual Artist, Storahteller, and spiritual pioneer NAOMI LESS orim Sameach...may this festival of lights fill your dark places with joy!...more

Eye'z Doesn't Keep Kosher But Other's Do

For me lately to 'post is to be'.  Although for the time being I am not posting on my own blog (a whole other topic), I feel the need to keep the public aware of the on-goings in the Food world of the internet and Montreal. ...more

What Is a Dreidel, and How Do You Play?

When it’s time to take out the Christmas decorations, our kids love digging out our dreidel collection to play with.  Dreidels and Christmas?  In our multi-cultural household, it is perfectly natural and normal. ...more

2009 Rundown: Deals, Steals and Things to Do for the Holidays!

Practice Salutations in the Sun: Who needs stuffing when you can spend the time getting toned and tanned with other holiday nomads in the sun and crystal blue waters of one of the most exotic parts of South America. That’s right folks, Escape to Shape is traveling to Cartagena, Colombia from November 22-28....more

For Chanukah: The Kabbalah of Candle Light

The story of Chanukah revolves around two main points:  The success of a small Jewish army over a large Assyrian one in a fight for religious freedom or, maybe more accurately, against assimilation and the miracle of the sole jar of oil found in the temple that burned not for one day in as expected but for eight during the rededication of the Jewish Temple, which was defiled by the Assyrians. ...more

Christmas Proves a Relaxing, Peaceful, Shabbat-Like Day for This Jew

Yesterday was Christmas Day, but at our home, it felt a lot like Shabbat. Actually, it felt more like Shabbat than most Saturdays. ...more

Chanukah IV: And Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Today it feels as though we've turned a corner. I woke up with my voice (mostly) intact for the first time in days, Peanut seems to be on the mend as well (a bit of a nagging cough, but ...more

Chanukah III: The One With the Toy FAIL

Tonight we lit the third candle.After our songs and dinner, Peanut got to pick out a present for tonight. I was so excited when she picked this one. It had everything that she loved. Stuff that she can build, check. Favourite characters, check. Cool box (yeah, sometimes it's all about the box), check. ...more