Bloggers Sing Their Hearts Out for Christmahanukwanzaakah

For the 6th year running, Neil Kramer from Citizen of the Month has kicked off his annual Christmahanukwanzaakah online concert, and for the 6th year running, I've chickened out of performing my rendition of "Maoz Tzur." Even though I know most of us don't have a voice that rivals Buble, I still get self-conscious over the idea of sitting down with a Flip camera and my guitar and warbling in Hebrew. So I miss out. But thankfully, there are tons of people who didn't miss out, and the concert is a great way to see some of your favourite bloggers in a completely different light. ...more
Thanks for calling our effort "rousing," Melissa. It sounds so much better than what I'd like to ...more

Explaining Holidays to Kids

It happens every so often -- you're talking to a kid and they innocently ask you what Chanukkah-Christmas-Kwanzaa-Solstice-Diwali-Zamenhof Day is all about (because they celebrate something else), and you start stumbling through the answer. I mean, I know what Chanukkah is about BEFORE someone asks. In my head, it is absolutely, perfectly clear, and I can even visualize miniature Macabees engaging in guerrilla warfare. ...more

I have a background in religious studies and I can give lots of history and 'facts', but many ...more

Chanukkah is Not the Jewish Christmas

There are a lot of things I like about Chanukkah -- having friends and family over, lighting the candles, and gambling with m&ms and a dreidel (sorry, I hate fried foods, so latkes and sufganiyot don't make the list). But what ruins the holiday for me is the Christmasization and commercialization of it simply due to its proximity to that other winter holiday. ...more
leahmsilverman I love that you are including other holidays with your children!  What a great ...more

Holiday Survival Guide for When Life is Craptastic

And that Thanksgiving story is precisely what makes us feel like shit when we come to our own Thanksgiving table feeling less than stellar when our life is craptastic. As kids, we're told this sanitized version of events because can you imagine your kindergarten teacher telling you the truth? That out of the 103 pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower, only 53 were alive for that meal? And only 4 of them were women, so good luck with that re-population effort, my friends. ...more
Love your honesty, warmth, down-to-earth realness in the midst of hardship - and especially, ...more

Chanukkah Crafts

Here's my challenge to you--have the "greenest" Chanukkah ever by making gifts and decorations that recycle items throughout the year. After all, Chanukkah is about miracles, about making resources last (a little oil burning for many more nights than possible). It's about being mindful of how precious resources actually are. So isn't it a perfect time to add a little lesson about environmentalism and fiscal-savviness, showing the recipients of your crafts that you care enough about them to give them your time and energy--not just your money. ...more

Chanukkah Food

I broke up with a boy over latkes. ...more

Oooh, I should look him up on Facebook and tell him that :-)

Melissa writes her ...more

Chanukkah Shopping Guide

Contrary to popular belief, there is no gift-giving element to Chanukkah. "What?" you say indignantly, about to tell me about your family tradition of giving eight gifts--one for each night. But really, when you look at the mitzvot (commandments) surrounding the holiday, there is only one thing Jews need to do: light the candles on the chanukkiah and place it in the window for others to see. Jews traditionally give gifts during the holiday of Purim in the spring. ...more


I love your idea of supporting etsy artists on Hanukkah. Of course, a lot of ...more

A Very Infertile Holiday Season

Right now, if you're living in America, you're probably on your way to a Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe you're chewing a bite of turkey. Or you've holed yourself in the guest bedroom so you can read some blogs rather than socialize with your cousins. Because this is a universal truth: family-oriented holidays are hard when you've run into a wall with family building. And this is true for the multitude of holidays stretching from Thanksgiving (Canadian or American) to New Years. ...more

Thanks for these tips - and for mentioning Quips & Tips for Couples Coping With ...more

Chanukkah Traditions

We're not an eight-days-of-gifts sort of family. In fact, we're not really a Chanukkah gift family at all. While others give the twins gifts on Chanukkah, we give our family gifts a few months later during the holiday of Purim. Instead, we focus our family traditions for the holiday around food and art projects. ...more

Oh, I so love the dreidel gambling.  We play with m & ms. :-)

Venting about ...more

Christmas and Hanukkah Meme

OK, all you beloved BlogHer Lurkers, time to come out and show us who you are in an easy way. And you Regular BlogHer gals,come on in and join! I have listed 5 Holiday questions. Just copy the appropriate 5 into your Comment and type your answer under each question. Show us your holiday self! I have included two memes – one for Hannukah,. One for Christmas. I've answered mine at the bottom just to get you all started. CHRISTMAS MEME 1.Real tree or artificial or treeless? Any special traditions with the tree? 2. Eggnog or Cider or Mulled Wine? ...more

Thanks for putting me a bit more in the spirit! I blogged it more