Big Families Are the Best Thing Ever

Everything was going very well up until 3:00 today. The little two were snuggled in for nap time, Magoo and I were reading The BFG, and TJ was getting set to finish up our work on the basement (so that by the end of the year our goal of having everything finally (FINALLY) organized would be met). ...more
My paternal grandma had 4, maternal grandma 6, my mom had 4. I have 5! :) Love big families, ...more


Hurray! for the blog post that almost wasn't....more


The rain continues to come down.  I continue to venture forth into the Universe to feed myself, for no woman is an island unto herself. She cannot be nurtured and grow without any outside forces.  Within, she will dwindle and wither and become as insignificant as she already feels....more

it's like camping

i keep telling myself it could be worse - we're just without flooring, furniture, and eat breakfast lunch and dinner standing up. i can't find anything and it's so dusty and dirty everywhere. but it really truly could be worse. we are very fortunate - this is nothing i say to my crawling skin....more

My Decade of Baby Is Over

Ten years ago, I was deep into fertility treatments and a busy teaching schedule, settling into a new city far from home, and hoping every single day that I would be pregnant. I was trying to wrap my head around FSH and LH levels and pray that my decision to stay on my seizure medication was the right one....more

A to Z Challenge: On Jumbled Mess

**Even though I haven't cross-posted the last two entries,I am still posting daily for the A to Z challenge.See what you've missed (not much, I've been rather dull lately)here...California Dreamin' SquirrelToday's Post for the Letter J...more

Creative boom....preparing for halloween

What's been happening??  I think I am suffering from creative overflow at the moment:I am waking up in the night with a new idea of some sort, and keep going off on tangents...never actually getting anything done...Our house (Read cupboards...hidden away from Mr.) is filled to the brim with half done projects and various art supplies...It is all making me a bit dizzy!!...more

What's 14 more grey hairs

It all starts with a promise, as most of us know small child promises are like mud pies, they mean SO much, look appealing, tempting but you know better than to take a bite. But since they come from their hearts just as mud pies do you want to accept them with a smile & believe they will be wonderful....more

When Life Hands You a Rotten Tomato

Forget that old “When life hands you a lemon” adage!  Sometimes, life just hands you a big, rotten tomato!  At least with a lemon you can make some lemonade, add some flavor to a dish, or a pretty garnish for your iced tea.  I Googled “What to do with a rotten tomato.”  You know what I came up with?  A bunch of info about how to use the Rotten Tomatoes website (movie review website) and absolutely nothing about what to do with a literal rotten tomato.  You want to know why?  Because you can’t do anything with a rotten tomato except for make a mess!...more

Joyful Chaos

  The Joy of Mothering A glimpse into the life a a large family. Picture this scene....more
 @motherofnine9  And I look forward to reading it, my friend. Thank you!!   :)more