Disneyland's New Age Limit Is Ruining My Spring Break!

I read in the paper recently that Disney will now require children to be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 14-years-old (Los Angeles Times, 3/19/2013) at their Southern California Disneyland parks.Gasp!This is going to spoil some plans I had for spring break for my 12-year-old daughter Meg. I was going to dump her and her gaggle of preteen friends for a day (or two... or three) at the park at some point during their three-week spring break....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Lol, thankfully he isn't one of the quiet plotting ones. He definitely ...more

Chauffeuring, Chaperoning and Chit

Ever feel like you spend half of motherhood schlepping your kids around? Ever get stuck chaperoning a field trip to hell? Read more at pajamasandcoffee.com ...more