Duck Confit Shepherd's Pie for the Charcutepalooza October Challenge

What makes the difference between a pot pie and a shepherd’s pie*? And why should we care? Ever since the Accidental Locavore got a set of small gratin pans, I've been entranced with the idea of individual gratins, Parmesans, pies etc....more

Do what you love & a little Charcutepalooza

 Do what you love & a little Charcutepalooza...more

The Accidental Locavore: August Charcutepalooza Challenge, Binding

This month the Accidental Locavore and other Charcutepalooza participants gave up the sausage stuffing for a more refined pastime, making terrines. Our mission was to make them beautiful as well as delicious....more

The Accidental Locavore Deviates: the July Charcutepalooza Challenge

The July Charcutepalooza challenge is to stuff an emulsified sausage, or smooth textured sausage…think hot dogs....more

The Accidental Locavore Tosses Pizza: the Secret of a Moe’s Classico

The Accidental Locavore's father was making fun of the crust on the pizza bianco with ramps, reminding me that it was clear I had missed the pizza tossing class with our friend Moe....more

The Accidental Locavore Smokes…Chicken

In April the Accidental Locavore got a big, bright, shiny,...more

The Accidental Locavore & Hot Italians: Charcutepalooza June Challenge

The Accidental Locavore’s friend Carol commented recently that not everyone knows what chacuterie is. Charcuterie is the art or business of preserving meat. Whether you realize it or not, you've been eating it since you were a kid....more

The Accidental Locavore Visits Épicerie Boulud: Merguez Showdown

Ever since Épicerie Boulud opened (yeah, it’s only a week or two), the Accidental Locavore has been looking for an excuse to go shopping there....more