The Gift of Time

After all, money isn’t everything.Many organizations wouldn’t exist and couldn’t provide the incredible impact that they do without the contribution of time, talent, energy and resources of their members and their community.Fundraising is no different.  Whether it’s volunteering to help organize a community Fun Run, selling books at a Book Fair, baking cookies for a Bake Sale, collecting auction items for a gala event, or maintaining the organization’s donor database, the gift of your time is invaluable....more

Chili Cook-off For Cancer Research

Not long ago I received a Facebook invite to attend a chili cook-off in Joplin. Since I love chili and never met a cook-off I didn’t like, I visited the event’s page to learn more about the details surrounding the upcoming culinary competition....more

Fundraising Nude - Is it Working?

Recently, a group of 84 women in Peachland, British Columbia decided to raise money for breast cancer by dropping their clothes and attaching themselves to a zip line. Each of the naked fundraisers went careening off over the landscape leaving behind any inhibitions they may have had. How much did they raise? $15000. Is stripping down to the bare essentials the best way to raise funds?...more

Are Charity Galas Facing Extinction?

The earth evolves and the world turns. The poor old dinosaur hit a brick wall due to the ice age…or was it a meteor? Or both? Whatever you believe one thing is for sure, they ultimately couldn’t survive the resulting dramatic climate change. So is the lavish black-tie Charity Gala in for its own abrupt end? A storm of factors are causing fundraising organizations from Newport Beach to Palm Beach to re-evaluate the scale and grandeur of black-tie galas. ...more