Five great ways to charm your loved ones and benefit animals in need this Valentine’s Day

Can there be anything better than being able to show your affection for a significant other, family member or friend on Valentine’s Day and help save lives? Meet five company’s working hard to make a difference for animals in need.Kona Benellie
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Never Mind the Hamilton

 I find joy giving a person a hand up. So for an entire year, every year I would put ten spot in envelope and send it a random address. Sorry I don't recall the year. It doesn't matter....more

Robin McGraw Georgia Eau de Parfum - The Steely Sweetness of Honeysuckle (2014) {Perfume Review & Musings}

Robin McGraw - the better-half of relationships TV guru Dr. Phil - and a philanthropist and beauty entrepreneur in her own right, is coming to the attention of perfumistas nationwide with a debut signature perfume named after her mother Georgia Jameson, which just launched on HSN......more

Charity - Done Oddly in Texas

Texas officially has the World's Largest Gingerbread House. They even have a Facebook page devoted to it, if you feel like peeking at it. There is a price for viewing it in person and that money goes to charity....more

The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy's Schemers Dreamers & Volunteer Vixens - Come Hell or High Heels

Excerpted from The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy's Schemers Dreamers & Volunteer Vixens - Come Hell or High Heels, by Merri Lee Marks.“In doing good, there’s always a lot of self-involvement.”—Trent Stamp, Charity Navigator...more
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Is It Okay to Set Rules on How I Want to Give?

This is my week in the school book fair, as I mentioned in my post offering some parent tips for the kids' literary shopping sprees.  Today, a little girl came to the book fair and was so sad that (a) we were out of the diary-style book she wanted and (b) she didn't have enough money for a book anyway.  Then she got all "I thought this would be the year I got a book" and I felt like I was in a scene from the A Christmas Carol....more

Being World Changers

"If history is full of scoundrels who have caused - and are causing - economic, political, and cultural injustices to be visited on others, it is also full of people who have worked and are working to overcome them." - Achieving Social Justice: A Christian Perspective by Ronald J. WilkinsI have been reading this (quite old) textbook on Christians and social justice and this quote (and really the whole section it's in) just really struck me....more

How to get UNstuck

Have you ever felt like you wandered into the wrong house? Or, have you secretly dreamed of having an excuse to fade away from the family dynamics and chaotic frinzy to A nice bungalow , perhaps near the Ocean , as you listen to the lapping waves , gently nudging your soul out of it's coccoon of safety......more

Support Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month! Feeding America takes this month to urge people to donate non-perishable food. There are many national programs that depend on donations from Food Drives. These organizations are preparing for the large crowds of people that will be requesting their services during the Winter Months and Holiday Season.  I have listed some of the Non-profit Agencies and links to their websites below....more

Help Oklahoma

Today's post is dedicated to the people of Oklahoma.  ...more