Smile and Change a Kids Life

      I love to give back any way that I can.  I also enjoy going to the dentist every six months for my regular check up.  Don't ask why.  Growing up my mom was always on top of the ball when it came to taking us kids for our regular dental check-ups and I always walked out of the dentist office with no cavities.  My sisters wish they could say...more

Give What You Grow

Grow a garden this summer, even a small one, to give food to your local food banks. Right now, the global economic crisis is stressing pantries, as more families must make the choice between food or utilities. In 2007, the number of undernourished people in the world increased by 75 million in 2007. We can expect that number to rise. ...more

Make your donations count: smart charitable giving

To get the most good out of your donations to non-profits, you need to know how much of your donation will go to the program you want to support vs. how much will go to overhead, such as administration and fund raising.  Check out Charity Navigator.  This is a FREE website that has information about thousands of charities and can tell you how much each one spends on their programs vs. overhead. You don't want to be paying someone's outrageous salary with money that you had intended to support a cause you believe in. ...more

Just $1

So often in life we seem to just "throw away" money on seemingly insignificant little things. Random crap in the check-out line at the grocery store, a candy bar at the gas station, multiple trips to Starbucks in a single day. Those extra dollars can really start to add up. ...more