Wednesday Whereabouts: Charleston

Wednesday Whereabouts: Charleston I mentioned on Monday Memories that we went to Charleston this past weekend. We had a great weekend and really enjoyed ourselves....more

here comes the sun and the bluebird of happiness

I'm so excited! We're in Wedding mode in our family, and few things will make you as crazy busy and as crazy happy as helping two amazing people get ready to say "I do."Especially when the bride is your cousin, sister, girlfriend and sweetest cutie-patootie all rolled up into one...more

Dear Charleston, WV (a love letter)

I know you don’t hear this enough. Your state tops everyone’s “Worst of” lists and someone even said your people are the most unhappy. You do have your problems, but you don’t get the affection you deserve. Even I sometimes catch myself complaining about your small size and a lack of things to do. But I really do love you....more

Lowcountry Lovin'

lI ove Pat Conroy because I've never met another person who put my feelings about the Lowcountry into words that resonate so clearly. Years ago, when I was in college, homesick and having major culture shock, "The Prince of Tides" brought me home to Charleston, helped me smell the smells and taste the tastes of the rivers, creeks and marshes. And as an adult, it makes me happier than is reasonable that my children are beginning their own love affair with salt water. Here they are, reveling in it just as much as I do. ...more

Isn't it wild how that book talks to you? Love POT and love love love my salt ...more

An Artist Loved Me Once

It's wonderful to be loved by an artist.  When they paint you over and over, it makes you feel beautiful.The painter and I were pen pals before we met.  My roommate was dating a sculptor.  The sculptor was friends with the painter, and voila!  I loved to get his letters.  I ran to the mailbox every day.  Each envelope was a work of art.  Even his signature was aesthetic--a swoop of a first initial, a period, then his last name.  You can fall in love with someone who writes you a lot.  Happens all the time these days.He sent me a b...more

What make Charleston Restaurants in South Carolina stand out from other cities?

   How many times you have been in the finest and quality restaurants highly rated by article writers, reviewers, and travel experts?   Have been satisfied with the services, meals and the ambiance of your favourite restaurant? Or you just say you like it because the service crew ladies were very beautiful and the course meals are cheaper from the other restaurants.  Why not go to Charleston Restaurants in South Carolina where you can find the finest and high quality service and meals that would really suit to your needs....more

Charleston restaurants stand out for me because Charleston is my home. I'm completely 100% ...more

An outdoor wedding - in Charleston - in March.

When Jenn told me she was getting married, I wanted to ask if she'd set a date but even I know that you can't really set a specific date until you know where you're going to have the ceremony. So instead, I asked her if they'd had a chance to talk about where they might like to have the ceremony. Since neither of them attend a church, I knew it wouldn't be a church wedding. The beach? An old house in downtown Charleston? Her grandparents' backyard at the lake? Hmmm? She wasn't sure but they were thinking about an outdoor wedding, but were not considering her grandparents' house. ...more

I've been in Atlanta on days like that, I know exactly what you were dealing with. Luckily, ...more