Name That Personality Disorder!

Charlie Sheen is at it again. He’s been releasing more horrible, hate-filled screeds against his ex-wife Denise Richards. On Father’s Day, dearest Charlie Boy released a tweet about two of the mothers of some of his children calling ex-wife Brooke Muller a “rok star” and ex-wife Denise Richards a “heretic washed up piglet shame pile”. Oh, the irony. ...more

A celebrity chef

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Is Ashton Kutcher the Right Man to Save Two and a Half Men?

CBS and Warner Bros. are doing their best to move Two and a Half Men viewers into a Post-Sheen World....more

I really think if they had have re-tooled it to be a 'new' series which was all about Allan and ...more


Tiger blood means never having to say you’re sorry. The drama surrounding Charlie Sheen’s latest exploits is nothing short of spectacular. He dominates the Today Show, giving a no-holds barred interview to entertainment reporter Jeff Rossen. Inquiring minds demand more news from the unpredictable star and the unflappable Rossen rushes to Casa Sheen for a follow-up feature. Nothing new in the second interview, except Sheen introduces his live-in girlfriends, one is an MAW (model, actress, whatever) and the other a self-professed porn star. ...more

Charlie Sheen BobbleHead Makes Me Break My Promise

Note to reader: there are images of said bobblehead but I didn't want to post for fear of not having permission issues....more

Maybe Sheen will bring light to Mental Health?

It is epic! More seemingly an “epidemic”, “winning” the attention of the masses toward a stark cold reality of the existence of mental health conditions. Once thought of a comical celebrity rant that would suite a 2-year old or reality television, we now see a larger, darker issue lingering behind the hallow eyes of Charlie Sheen. There are parallels drawn between his conduct and the behavior of a personal loved one. It is rather sad. My smile is fading and my heart is sinking to watch the destruction that mental illness causes....more


President Charlie Sheen announced today that he had appointed Lindsey Lohan as the new U.S. Ambassador to Columbia....more

Robert DeNiro Wants You Dead

"Robert DeNiro Wants You Dead"  ...more