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Mike Robbins March 27, 2014...more

Your Credit Card was Just Canceled. Now What?

At first she thought the problem was that pesky magnetic stripe. She knew she had plenty of credit available on her card, she always paid her bills on time, and she usually paid more than the minimum payment due. When that card didn't work, Jennifer* simply used her other card. No worries. The second time it happened she went online to double check her card balance. The online statement showed when Jennifer had made her last payment,and it indicated her card was not only active but there was plenty of available credit. ...more

Amex sent out a wave of cancelations this week.  Maybe if they stay away from ...more

Chase Credit Card - New Terms & Conditions

Over the past few days, the credit forums over at myFICO.com and CreditBoards.com have been abuzz with news about Chase changing the terms and conditions on their credit cards. To summarize, the new terms are as follows:  ...more