BlogHer's Best-Kept Secret

Tucked away in a corner of the BlogHer website is a special page. It’s an exciting page that changes every day. It’s a social page where BlogHer pros, casual BlogHer members, and first-time members all make appearances. When I wake up in the morning, I can never be sure quite what I’m going to find on that page, except I know I’ll find something that will make me laugh and something that will leave me pondering, and I know it’ll be fun.I’m talking about the Chatter page. ...more
So awesome that I found and clicked on this post! I was starting to wonder where my chatter was ...more

NaBloPoMo-How I have grown from participating

NaBloPoMo Day 29Wow, we are getting down to the finish line now!  And then I went ahead and signed up to do it again in December.  I must have rocks in my brains, committing to writing every day in December? But I asked hubby first, asked him if he would encourage me and back me up like he has every other day, except THE ONE DAY I MISSED which was Thanksgiving.  And gosh I worked hard that day!  (don’t feel sorry for me it was an awesome day!) ...more
@HomeRearedChef it is really going to be a challenge in December because we are traveling, we ...more

Play BlogHer Matchy-Matchy and Meet Some Super Chatty BlogHer Members

We know that blogging's more than words -- it's about making connections. We thought it would be fun to showcase the women who connect everyday on BlogHer through BlogHer Chatter and their BlogHer comments. These are our chattiest BlogHer members. Play Matchy-Matchy, visit these bloggers and get to know them a little better, and leave your score in the comments below. Come back next week for another Matchy-Matchy! ...more

Started out with 54 seconds, then got progressively worse. Finally took almost two minutes! My ...more

How Real-Time Blogging Could Mean Big-Time Problems for Infertility Doctors

I recently started using Posterous as an annex space from my blog, instantly uploading pictures, sound files, stories, and videos from my phone. Where I would have had to wait until I returned home from a party or event, hooking my camera up to the computer, downloading and sizing the photos, slowly uploading them individually to my blog, they now are sent instantly and I return home with the whole night already blogged and commented on from people reading at home. ...more

Searching for the Sublime

Julia Baird has caused me to pause. There I was sitting in the car line at school waiting for TD to make her wild-haired appearance and reading her piece, 'The Devil Loves Cell Phones'. We have all heard that silence is golden, but is it also the key to the sublime?...more

Are you sending your Chatter to Twitter?

Hi. My name is Denise and I am a BlogHer addict. I am also a Twitter addict. Thankfully, BlogHer Chatter allows me to feed both of my addictions at once. (Now if I can just convince it to bring me coffee...) BlogHer Chatter provides OAuth functionality that allows me to Chatter as often as I like and have my messages sent automatically to my Twitter stream. ...more

Thanks for responding. :)

Please put it down as a wishlist item for me. :) It shouldn't ...more

BlogHer Chatter can help you update Twitter (and even Facebook)

Post update 8/21/9 to reflect new Twitter OAuth functionality Last week, the BlogHer product team rolled out our latest tool - this one designed to help you manage your social media identity. If you use BlogHer Chatter and Twitter and even Facebook, we now offer you a one-stop-shopping approach to telling your peeps (and your Tweets) what you're up to. Props to our friends at Cerado who helped us build it! Here's how you use it. ...more

Ping is amazing! Plesae add chatter to ping!

Aussies are blogging and chatting about it!

In my quest to 'get serious' about my blogging this year, not only have I shifted my blog from blogger to my own hosted word press site ( but I have also spent countless hours reading about blogging. I've been especially excited to find Aussie blogs about blogging! Getting some great tips as well as netowrking with some local bloggers has really inspired me to get my new blog up and running and to be part of the community of Aussie Bloggers. ...more