How to Travel on the Cheap

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Thrify Travel: Ever thought of Couchsurfing or AirBnB?

Let’s face it: sometimes the most expensive part of travel is finding a cheap place to stay. When traveling on a budget, if you’re up for it, sometimes you can find cheap hotels outside of the city. If you’re lucky, the city you’re visiting will have good public transportation and you can take a bus or subway/light rail to get around. If you’re not lucky, you can be stuck spending money on taxis if you’re too far away to walk. ...more

Top Weekend Bus Tours

If you are looking for a quick vacation or if you are looking to save money on sight seeing on your next vacation, try a quick bus tours. Touring with a group allows you to save money on a rental car and fuel. It also ensures that you will see the best sites that you may not otherwise find. If money is a concern, these short vacations can ensure a great getaway without taking a long vacation. ...more

Travel Europe on a Budget

Thinking about postponing that trip to Europe? The exchange rate keeps getting worse, and fuel surcharges increase the cost of flying. ...more

Travel tips - my favourite websites

Hello gorgeous...Mombasa, the site of one my cheap airplane tickets   ...more

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