I have a confession to make: I'm a total cheapie. But not in the bad way. I mean, I don't skimp on tips, or barter with people. Instead I'm cheap in that I would almost always rather have the cheap version of something than the really pricey version. I know that the pricey version is better, and I have an appreciation for quality products, but I'm cheap. I can't see spending an enormous amount of money on something, when you can find something just as good that will suffice and you can have more money in the bank....more

Lessons learned from being a cheapskate

My name is Mir, and I am a cheapskate. I'm an unapologetic cheapskate, in fact. More accurately: I'm a braggart of a cheapskate. Tell me you like my shoes, and rather than responding "Thank you!" like a normal person, I'll probably grab your arm and say, "I know, aren't they awesome? And they were originally $120 and I only paid nine bucks!" People sometimes inch away from me when I do this. Hey, that's fine. They probably paid full price for their shoes. Suckers. ...more

I've just joined Blogher and with your post I feel like I've come home! I have to bite my ...more