Dear Men...some friendly advise.

Dear Men-Who-Have-Everything-To-Loose,...more

I see you talking the talk...

But I ain't feel you walking the walk. I have to say I am done and pretty much gone. Why is it that people need to take other people's power away in order to make themselves feel more powerful?? Why is it that it always takes me longer than is good to get that? I mean how many times do you take that kicked in the gut feeling before it's like...enough already? Well for me that day was yesterday. I woke up with some insight, with some clarity and just knowing that everything I have been pushing away, everything I was thinking was all in my head...actually wasn't. ...more

Degrees of Infidelity – Which is Worse?

(To see the photo of the cheaters' gallery see my blog: I wrote this two days ago before Anthony Weiner confessed to his internet escapades, so have added a footnote about his now widely discussed degree of evil at the end of this post. The other evening over dinner, while talking with my husband and a woman friend, after pondering such gentlemen as Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I posed the (totally theoretical, you understand) question: What is the worst kind of cheating husband? ...more

Cheaters Beware! New website set to air all your secrets...

.....OHHHH and it's so deliciously horrible. Like a freaking car crash, you can't turn away from. Literally a site dedicated to tattooing a modern day cyber "scarlet letter" on people for being super whores. hits HARD by posting the names, height, weight, cities, and other personal info about alleged cheaters. Creepy and stalkerish to say the least...not to mention, who takes time to actually do this?...more

Yes, I Was Burnt But I Call It A Lesson Learnt....The End of the "Being Cheated On" Drama

I'm sure I've written about my friends before, but I want to introduce you to another BFF. This is a boy BFF so let's just call him Ed (made-up name)Last night, I decided to do something I've never done and pray/meditate for 30 minutes straight. I gave it my best shot, but I really just ran out of things to say :-( anyway, I did manage to pray for God to help me deal with the tough stuff I'd gone through during the week, 5 minutes later after I saId Amen, guess who called? ...more

So I take it being the other women is your thing?

Men always joke about the "Bro Code" (which we can't even write without feeling stupid), but what about a code of honor for women? If feels like recently all these women have been bedding down married (or committed) men - from Leanne Rimes, Tiger's whores, to Jessie Jame's mistress. Not to mention all the women who slept with real life, non-celeb men and don't get called out....more

Do White Women or Infidelities Hurt Tiger's "Black" Image?

What’s worse for Tiger’s “black” image? His preference for white women or his numerous infidelities? ...more

To Trust or Not to Trust.. What to do if you have been Cheated on!!!

     So most of you may have been in the situation of having your husband or significant other cheat on you. But what about the other party involved, especially if they caught feelings. What if the female just completely went crazy? What should you do, who should you trust? ...more