An Accidental Online Affair

An Accidental Online Affair Sarah,...more

How can cheating be forgiven?

 What are you thoughts about cheating. Emotionally and physically ? Do you think a relationship can recover from this. What about the saying once a cheater always a cheater. Do you think this is true… is it possible to forgive our relationship partner if cheat us?...more

Therapy Session #6

I went nearly 1 month between session 5 and 6.  Due to work and scheduling conflicts, it’s just didn’t work out to go see her for awhile.It felt really good to see her and catch up.  Then in the same instance, it felt good to go nearly a month and have no big hurdles that I needed to discuss with her....more

Open Letter to Elaina Watley: Victor Cruz Is The Least of Your Problems

This is an open letter to Elaina Watley. Victor Cruz is irrelevant.A couple of days ago, I read that you sent a group text to your man’s chillas (allow him to translate that) to incite anger between the dumb ass broads that are sleeping with your future husband. They didn’t fight with one another. They, probably, traded info because they don’t care....more

Honey, Can I Have Sex with Other People?

It has been about three years since I popped this question to my husband; we had been together for eight. I had just stopped breastfeeding my youngest child and had finally gotten my body back post pregnancy. It was not that I was bored with the sex at home. I think it was more about the fact that I have always loved connecting intimately with people. I love exploring, trying new things, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone....more
Thanks so much for the follow-up response and for helping me to gain a clearer picture, and I ...more

Married? No Opposite Sex Friendships for YOU! I didn't have friends of the opposite sex, I'd have very few friends left....more

The Internet Takes the leg work out of Cheating

by sybil sage...more

Cyber Bullies don't just Bully kids....

 Cyber Bullying Part One: ...more

Dude! Give Me My Dress Back

I think the battle of the sexes has gone on for ages, and there is a reason that more women cheat then men these days.  I have thought long and hard about why this is.  I have came to many conclusions but the number one reason is  men are behaving like women.  Which in return women are behaving like men.My eyebrows should be the only ones groomed.It should take a woman longer to get ready than a man....more
Women are the new men! Sad.more

Broken Hearted Birthday

March is my birthday month and this month's NaBloPoMo theme is Self. So it's all about ME! Well atleast in my head it is. Here is a post about one of my past birthdays:I had always dreaded this day, the day I hit the big 3-0! Today's event made it even worse. This is a Birthday I want to forget. Then again it wouldn't be a party without a little Drama! ...more