Cyber Bullies don't just Bully kids....

 Cyber Bullying Part One: ...more

Dude! Give Me My Dress Back

I think the battle of the sexes has gone on for ages, and there is a reason that more women cheat then men these days.  I have thought long and hard about why this is.  I have came to many conclusions but the number one reason is  men are behaving like women.  Which in return women are behaving like men.My eyebrows should be the only ones groomed.It should take a woman longer to get ready than a man....more
Women are the new men! Sad.more

Broken Hearted Birthday

March is my birthday month and this month's NaBloPoMo theme is Self. So it's all about ME! Well atleast in my head it is. Here is a post about one of my past birthdays:I had always dreaded this day, the day I hit the big 3-0! Today's event made it even worse. This is a Birthday I want to forget. Then again it wouldn't be a party without a little Drama! ...more

How do I delete a blog post?

How do I delete a blog post?...more

Stop Your Wife From Cheating

I was reading a very good blog today and of course now I can’t find it.  I had to jump through hoops and retrace my steps but I found it. It’s A Mother Life. The Blog I just happened to stumble upon was “How to Cheat Proof Your Marriage". The Blogger’s advice, I totally agree with. So why am I writing about it? It was one of the comments that piqued my interest and spurred this blog entry....more

Why Do We Place So Much Blame On "Homewreckers"?

Editor's Note: This blog was written in partial response to The Real Scandal: Homewreckers Are NOT Heroines!, which has been featured on BlogHer. - Feminista Jones ...more
I think that the main reason why we put a lot of emphasis on the Home Wrecker is because we live ...more

The Downfall of Too Many Masks


Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

The latest headlines surfacing today on the Lance Armstrong doping scandal got me thinking about cheating.  I’m not a cyclist nor am I really familiar with the sport, so I wouldn’t dare try to pass judgment or spew meaningless opinions on that situation.  But I think it’s safe to say that most people have encountered cheating at some point in their lives, whether it be in sports, academics, marriage, kids’ activities, you name it....more
Have you been faced with a "nobody will know if I cheat" situation? If so, how did it turn out ...more

Have You Talked with Your Kids About Cheating Yet? You Should!

I start every September giving one son the you-must-do-your-best talk. But I can say with some certainty that I never kicked off a school year with a conversation about academic dishonesty. And in the wake of cheating scandals this year at Harvard University, Stuyvesant High School, and a Long Island SAT testing center, I am pretty sure I missed an important opportunity here. Did I fail to discuss cheating because I didn’t think it was a problem at their school or was it because I didn’t think it would be a problem for my child? Truth: it just never came up....more
I can definitely relate to this! I came from a very academically competitive family, complete ...more

Is It Okay To Cheat If No One Finds Out?

Scanning the room, my periphery vision spots something that draws my attention.   Breathing deeply, I dare to look again, hoping to catch an eyeball of delicious. Oh. Wow.  I feel my hypothalamus kick into overdrive.  My heart quickens.  I want to tear my eyes away but I keep staring unabashedly.  I know it's wrong - but sometimes temptation overrides the senses. ...more