Mile-High Confessions: He is Married With a Mistress

I am frequently mistaken for a priest.People confess things to me. I don't ask them to tell me their secrets, but I must have a non-judgmental face because in under five minutes flat the gentleman in seat 2C on my flight from Denver to L.A. confessed he had a Catholic wife, two sons in Brea, California and a mistress in Schenectady:...more
I think people need to do what is best for them, without intentionally hurting someone else.  To ...more

Not sure if your boyfriend is cheating on you? His phone habits may have the answer.

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.While I would never claim to be the “Dear Abby” type (also I would suggest that you NEVER take my advice when it comes to relationships), it does happen once in a while that my friends come to me to help them figure stuff out. Apparently my over-analytical mind is just what they need when they’re too close to a situation that needs analyzing.So here’s what happened this week …...more