He Cheated -- Now What?

They were together over 20 years when he confessed his infidelity. The other woman was carrying his child and she was putting pressure on him to leave his wife. This is how their marriage survived. ...more
I walked through the same exact thing, and I chose to stay and fight.  It was the best decision ...more

When I thought my world was falling apart

"Mr. Right" and I dated for nearly 3 years before deciding to get hitched.  I guess I should have been wary when the way he proposed was "so what kind of ring do you want"?...more

Immoral but Legal

Did you know that you can buy the services of a retired judge to settle a divorce ?  ...more

A Secretive Spouse

So we’ve all heard of Sandra Bullock’s motor-head husband Jesse James having some sexy times with a girl nicknamed “Bombshell,” while Ms. Bullock was off filming The Blind Side. I guess with this guy, “when the cat’s away, the mouse will play.” And what about Sam Mendez, husband to the beautiful Kate Winslet? He’s rumored to have also cheated. And we all know about the famous, Mr. Tiger Woods....more

You are right on with all these "signs". Unfortunately, signs are often not seen until they've ...more

Three Types of Mistresses: Which One Could You Become?

The other woman. “Home wrecker” if she succeeds, “what did you expect?” if she doesn't. Everyday we are bombarded with stories of these women: former governor Mark Sanford's soulmate, John Edwards' baby momma, and Tiger Woods' menagerie of lovers. While the media will tell us all about these women, it's only ever the scintillating details – the love letters, the text messages, the alleged existence of a sex tape. The fact they are – or once were – party girls, porn stars, strippers. ...more
PS: Yes we can choose who we love. "I can't help who I love!" Yes you can! "It just happened!" ...more

Forgiveness and Why You Shouldn’t Hold A Grudge

“What they did was unforgivable”…..”They have to apologize first”…..”They ruined my life”…… Do any of these statements sound familiar as words you’ve once uttered?   My blog today is about the power of forgiveness, a force so strong that it will release the negative energy that weighs you down and leave you feeling lighter and freer.  Forgiveness is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself and I am going to explain to you why....more