How To Know If You're Ready: Pre First Date Checklist.

Well, there’s different levels of readiness obviously and if you’ve gotten to this, the “pre-first date list” stage, I’m going to suppose that you’ve actually joined a dating site and have been actively messaging with  men. SCORE!But now you’re having to get off your computer and meet real live specimens which is the point and a GOOD THING…keep reminding yourself…breathe…breathe…...more
MissWendy Hahahaha....WOW. I think I've been on that same fucking date, Wendy. More than once! ...more

After You Hit Publish: The Ultimate Blog Promotion Checklist

Hooray! You've published a blog post! You researched your information. You skillfully wrote your piece. You created an appropriate image to accompany your words. And you hit the "publish" button. But your work is only half done. Yes, it's a lot of work to get your blog posts out there, but this checklist should make the job easier. There are certain steps you must take after you publish a post in order for that blog post to truly take off! ...more
Well, I always love to promote my content on various platforms because it gives my writing ...more