Still have that Cheerleader Envy...

It hit me last night after watching several football games over the weekend, there is never going to be an unattractive cheerleader. Not only are they ALL attractive, they are a whole different LEVEL of attractive. Note to my wonderful daughters, all things are not created equal. Sure.......more

Little Hookers and Whores

 A pinterst user called all cheerleaders "little professional hookers and whores" and called into question their purity and integrity. I had to respond, my daugher is cheerleader, and a virgin. ...more


Private Thoughts The other night some friends and I got into a discussion regarding private school for our kids.  Most people would agree if you can afford it, there are benefits, such as smaller classes, more intense curriculum and most importantly, the  chance to be a cheerleader even if you cannot do a basic somersault, much less a back flip off a pyramid made of other cheerleaders....more

Yet another post about cheering for science rock stars

In case you missed it, there has been lots of discussion about two campaigns to popularize science: Rock Stars of Science and Science Cheerleaders....more

Child Kicked Off Squad When Mother Protests Cheer

Most of us who are parents share concerns about the sexualization of children, especially little girls dressing as scantily as exotic dancers or mimicking Beyonce's moves while singing her hit "Single Ladies." Consequently, we readily agree that six-year-old Kennedy Tesch's mother was right. The so-called "cheer" taught to little Kennedy's cheerleading squad that roots for the Madison Heights flag football team was inappropriate: "Our backs ache/our skirts are too tight/we shake our booties from left to right." ...more

I am the mother in question. I have finally had the time to google all the articles and blogs ...more

Pom Poms

Cheerleading is exhausting, acrobatic, dangerous for participants and the focus of a booming subculture promoting it as an American cultural icon. It is popular with legions of panting teenagers of both sexes and has been depicted in five films in the Bring It On series alone. It is also an under-reported activity in the biographies of George W. Bush, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Renée Zellweger and Steve Martin....more

This is misleading. He didn't say it isn't a sport. He said it doesn't qualify as a sport ...more

Bring It On!!

Bring it On!! You know how you often hear about those parents who put a ton of pressure on their kid to be a particular something, like a doctor or lawyer? ...more

She Just Got Married...Football and Fantasies

Back before “”, we subscribed to the local newspaper that was delivered to our front porch each morning via a young boy on a bicycle with a whale of precision pitch. Everyone took their favorite sections and we were your typical family….Dad clipped coupons, I did the Jumble puzzle, my mom looked to see when the Dallas Cowboys were scheduled to play next. Our family lived and breathed Cowboy football. ...more

Hazing - Are Our Kids Going Too Far?

Hazing is a well-known and long-standing part of the fabric of our society. If we haven't been through it ourselves, we likely know someone who has. But the practice of hazing as a way to indoctrinate a new member of a club, team or other group is on the rise and the ages of the participants are dropping. Is this just a normal part of growing up or should we be concerned? ...more

India outsources cheer: Some like it hot, some like it not

The hot hot ladies of the Washington Redskins cheer squad are in India shaking their shapely hips in those short shorts, matching go-go boots and bikini tops. Needless to say male fans were left salivating for more, our culture guardians gasping at the "vulgarity", purists demanding that the "Indian" sport be spared of such cheap thrills, and some fence sitters (me included) wondering and analyzing to no end what this all means and if all this fuss is warranted. Background: ...more

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Yes, it does take a ...more