i was so busy last week that i forgot to snap some instagram. let me explain... my oldest is trying out for the high school cheer team (never you mind the fact that she's going to be a freshman in the fall - i'm still 27 and always will be). numbers alone prove there is a 50% chance for her to make the squad. exhale. so she has been working her tail off to hopefully make it, because she absolutely loves it. i can't tell you how she just lights up every time she performs....more


Last Thursday, Adelaide came home from her first day of school with a backpack full of papers. One of those papers was a form detailing a cheerleading clinic being offered by our high school's varsity cheerleaders for elementary girls. I asked Adelaide if she would like to participate, and she replied in the affirmative. So a few days ago, our daughter attended the first day of the clinic, learning cheers and pseudo-dance routines in her elementary school's gym.  She had fun.  It was fine. ...more

To Be Or Not To Be - Great, That Is!

In the light of the very recent passing of Joe Paterno, I was watching ESPN's Sportcenter for more details. As the coverage continued, there were more and more statements about Paterno's greatness as a coach, mentor, husband, father, philanthropist, and more.This raised a question:What does it mean to be a great coach?...more
@CroMom Thanks for reading, and even more for commenting! I love hearing what other people ...more

A Former Cheerleader on the Piedmont Hills Cheerleading Uniform Ban in School

I was a cheerleader in high school. I wore the short skirt complete with black shiny nylon briefs (we called them "spankies," for God's sake) over my underwear to school, to class, usually three days a week, for all four years of high school and two years of junior high. I was a cheerleader every damn year, forever and ever. And when I heard today a high school banned its own cheerleaders' short skirts from class, I was happy about it. Not for the reason you'd think....more
I remember during my sophomore year of high school, our English teacher was also the ...more

Cheerleading and concussions

Worried about your football-playing son getting a head injury? Maybe you should be thinking about your pom-pom waving daughter, too. According to the Arizona Interscholastic Association, cheerleading is second only to football in number of concussions. (See video: )...more

Dispelling the Myth: Cheerleading is INDEED a SPORT!

I live in a world where girls are pushed to their limits and beyond on a daily basis. I live in a world where you are expected to tumble, stunt, cheer, dance, jump, smile, be enthusiastic, cheer on the football team by knowing 50+ cheers/chants, have great sportsmanship, and still have competitive drive. I also live in a world where no matter how hard you work, you are still told that you are NOT an athlete and what you do is NOT a SPORT.I live in the world of CHEERLEADING!!!...more
My son is a junior in high school, and he was recruited into cheer a year ago (by the girls). ...more

Smells Like Team Spirit

Let's do a little test. I'm going to write a word and you're going to tell me your immediate gut reaction in the comment box of this post BEFORE you read the rest of the post. Write down whatever memories, feelings, or ideas the word evokes. Don't peek at the rest of the post until you've done this exercise. Got that? Here's the word: ...more

According to a court ruling cheerleading isn't a proper sport -

When We Didn't Make It

When I Didn't Make It The second time I tried out for cheerleading, I didn't make it. It's a crappy feeling when you're in a room with your peers and the coach reads "the list." As she rattles off the names, you get more and more flushed in the face that she hasn't read yours. Well, for me, at least they read the list at the end of the school day. When I got home, to our driveway, I saw my mom waiting for me in the doorway. ...more