Smokey Pimento Cheese Queso Dip

I am in love with any dip that includes cheese!   Yes, loads of cheese.  To be honest, I just love cheese, in dip, with a sandwich, plain, at midnight, straight out the fridge, with a few grapes. Yes, my cheese addiction is that bad....more

Soft Pretzels With Roasted Jalapeno Cheese Sauce

Tell me that you're as an obsessive party planner as I am. Tell me that you hem and haw, and go back and forth a minimum of six times about which desserts you want on your menu. Tell me that I'm not the only one, because I sure feel like it sometimes! I keep a working menu for each party or dinner we plan in Evernote, so that wherever I am, I have access to the most up-to-date file. And that file gets worked over. ...more
I want those! NOWmore