Awesome Bacon Burger with Horseradish Sauce

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The Most Amazing Beef Burgers I've Ever Eaten

For many, many years (probably since we moved to Germany), we have been on a quest for a really good burger recipe. We've tried several that have been tasty, but they were never just right. Some of them were best suited for spreading on the bun and eating it open-faced; others just lacked flavor and excitement. ...more

Where's the Best Beef? How to Find the Best Burgers (and Deals) Around Chadds Ford, PA

Benjamin Daymon's Tastes & Travels   Reviews of the best burger offerings from Jakes Hamburgers, Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Brandywine Prime in Chadds Ford, PA.    Article takes a look at three great spots to grab a meal in the Chadds Ford, West Chester, Kennett Square area.  The best burger places in town when you're out shopping, visiting the Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford Winery, Longwood Gardens or Simon Pearce Glass-- the glass shop featured in the movie "Sweet Home A...more

The Best Burgers:more

Confessions of an Insomniac: French fries at the bottom of the bag

Fast food is yuck! This is quite a bold statement from a person like me who has no magic touch in the kitchen. I would rather eat my own, close-to-dog-vomit food than eat anything from a drive-thru. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more