Why Can't You Have a Normal Job, Daddy?

Why can't Daddy have a normal job? How do I answer that? What is a “normal job?” To a nine-year-old, a normal job would be one where Daddy was off on Saturday and Sunday, the days she is off of school. A “normal job” would be one where he is home this afternoon so she could stay at home with him, instead of having to go to a baby shower with me (knowing her friends will not be there, but will be home with their dads). ...more
mholtsolomon Thank you.  It is tough on the entire family isn't it? :-(more

Letter to a Young Chef Wife

Dear Young Chef Wife,This month my chef/husband and I will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  I’m not quite sure where the time went.As I look back on our marriage, there are so many things I would have done differently as a chef’s wife, if I only knew what I do now....more

Nov 30 Its your turn

 Nov 30   Its Your Turn It’s your turn.  I want to hear from you.  This month, I registered for the National Blog Posting Month event, wherein the participants write something in their blog every day.  There’s no prize, no contest, just the challenge of the event.  But yet, my curiosity and my ego want to know what you thought. Therefore, I seek your words. ...more

Review: Pretending to be a Chef with Blue Apron

While I love food, I’m not really that great of a cook. Definitely not the point of being called a chef. I mean, I have a few decently delicious meals that I make… I just get so darn BORED with our recipe rotation. Also, my recipes tend to be like 4 steps which include a dance break. I also stop by Let’s Dish a few times a year to keep things interesting....more

Chef Cooking Quirks

I think some of the most interesting things to read on food blogs are the little anecdotes behind the blogger or random insight into who the blogger is. Every so often I like to include a little casual blurb about myself….So in this installment, I thought I’d focus on the various quirks that I’m learning about myself in the kitchen….I’m a quirky, weird person in general so it’s no wonder that it’s translated into my kitchen as well. ...more

First Impressions of the Nobel Prize winning Chef Massimo Bottura in Modena, Italy

I have passed the Osteria Francescana many times before while perusing through Modena.  If you are a tourist, visiting for the first time, it is highly unlikely that you will pass it unless you specifically plan to go past.  It is off the historic main streets on a mainly residential side street. ...more

An Interview With J.J. Johnson: Winner Of Rocco's Dinner Party Airing On Bravo

Okay now people, did you guys see the premiere of Rocco’s Dinner Party on Bravo Wednesday night? Didn’t you just wanna be there to eat some of that down home cooking at the speakeasy! Anyhow, the winner of Rocco’s Dinner Party did such a good job and brought back such fond memories for yours truly-growing up country for me meant some good ole Oxtails! (includes healthy eating on menus as well) So, J.J. Johnson is his name & I’m sooo excited to bring you guys the interview with chef J. J....more

But I know he didn't smell badly, lol.

Oh, TW said he sort of smelled like my son in law ...more

Recipe by a Menopausal Chef: “Improvised Linguini & Tuna Mélange”

By far this has to be the best pasta recipe, to date, that I have put together on a spur-of-the-moment, improvised, a mélange of ingredients from the pantry and fridge—simplicity at its finest. And to think, foolishly though, that this very morning I’d convinced me and menopause, my alter ego, we’d once-gain start our diet! I said it before and I’ll say it again, “what was I thinking?”...more

So very glad to have made your acquaintance! Let's stay in touch. :)


A Menopausal Chef Sharing Her Recipe: Lemon Curd & Lime Vinaigrette

I am a home-reared chef. My culinary training was at home, with my mother, just as she was taught by her mother, and she as well learned from the great cooks my grandmother employed for her many lavish parties—entertaining politicians and the very wealthy. Our recipes and techniques go back a long way, and over the years they have developed, morphing into modern dishes, with a taste of the old. And from as far back as I can remember, from the moment I could walk and talk, I was taught to cook. Hanging out in the kitchen, I watched and learned and memorized....more