My Baseball Playing Girl is Chasing Chelsea Baker...

"What the! Ump are you blind? You need to go see an eye doctor!" or  "Really? Really, come on now!" and my favorite "THAT'S RIGHT! BABY GIRL JUST LIKE THAT!"  All words yelled from my mouth this baseball season as I watched my girl pitch in the Little League Majors. She did not get the opportunity to pitch much considering the coach had grandsons on the team. Actually I hated the way she was often treated, but kept it status quo at the request of my daughter and did not go ape poop on people. After all this was her time not mine....more

13 Year Old Girl Pitches 2 No Hitters, Gets Honored by Baseball Hall of Fame

13 year old Chelsea Baker was honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this week for pitching two perfect games this season. Most pitchers never pitch a perfect game in their life. This teenaged phenom is pitching circles around the boys down in Plant City, Florida. ...more
Living in Cooperstown, the home of baseball, I reallize the enormity of this ...more