A Hair Product That Has Changed My Life

For years, I was a supporter and loyal customer to Dove; they have great advertising campaigns and an inspiring social mission: Inspire A Girl In Your Life ...more

Extra Helpings:Gluten Free Baking? Gotta Get Ingredient "X"

Florence asks: I’m baking gluten-free now and I see a lot of recipes (including yours!) call for something called Xanthan gum. What is it? I'm trying to get away from chemicals in my food!  ...more

Earth Promise: Sunscreen Decisions

I envy those people who have fair, smooth, sun blotch-free complexions.  Being that I live in Florida, I’ve been using sunscreen (almost) everyday—for years.  I’m used to lathering on the lotion each time I go to the beach, am out by the pool, or knowing that I’ll be outdoors for an extended period of time.  What about on a daily basis when I’m out and about runnin ...more

I need sunscreen help! (And yeah, I realize summer's almost over.)

So, I hardly ever use sunscreen even though I know all about the dangers of skin cancer. The laziness that makes me "green" by default because I can't be bothered to put makeup on my face or use other girlie skin products is the same laziness that results in way too much unprotected sun exposure than this white girl should be allowed. ...more

I also buy the Burt's Bees sunscreen. It is 100% natural, chemical free, SPF 30, and offers ...more