Water You Drinking?

Obviously drinking water is essential to our health, however, have you ever thought about what could be potentially lurking within the water you're chugging that you cannot actually see? It's actually quite a scary thought when you think about it... And the dirty additives could in fact be causing a whole host of health issues that you thought were caused by other factors in your life! It's time to grab the "bull" by the horns and clean out your water... And here is one fool-proof way to do just that!...more

Mind the Store: Female Consumers Demand Fewer Chemicals

One of my favorite childhood memories was going to Target, of all places. My mom would buy a small popcorn as a little treat and while she pushed the cart through those long red aisles, I got to munch on a salty snack....more
Maybe it's me.......why don't more retailers list the materials the products are made from?  Not ...more

Hidden Dangers of That New Car Smell

Ah, the smell of a new car! It is the smell of success, an inextricable part of America's love affair with the automobile, the scent of a three-ton version of Proust's madeleine. But as we're finding out about the chemical origins and the biological consequences of that new-car smell, many of us are moving from "How do I preserve it?" to "How do I get away from it?"...more
Always always keep vodka in the house. lol You could just use rubbing alcohol which is cheaper. ...more

I choose raisins and dates

I think at some point we have all fallen victim to the artificial sweetener. I know I have. I was a big diet soda drinker and queen of the green tea and aspartame. I thought this was a fantastic way to loose weight and stay healthy. I have come to realize artificial sweetener and healthy should never be used in the same sentence....more

Creating fingers and toes a little less toxic

 We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, but just how much depends on the foods we eat, the furniture we sit on, the lotions we decide to put on our bodies, etc....more

God Bless Gilda Radner and My Mom

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  I really wonder if ovarian cancer would ever have made it on the cause-of-the-month hit parade, if it weren’t for Gilda Radner.  Sadly, she lost her battle with the disease in 1989.  Back then it seemed ludicrous that the “silent killer” could take the life of such an ebullient woman.  While her somewhat nasal, sharp voice was...more
@FarewellStranger Hooray for you and your mom and your family. I really think that my mother ...more

How clean are your cleaning supplies?

As a wife and mother, taking care of my home is important since it’s the main place I nurture my family....more

Safe ways to set the mood

If you're like me, you're starting to rack your brain for some romantic Valentine's Day ideas....more

Thanks for the beeswax candle idea, Jasmine ... it makes perfect sense.

I remember when I ...more

The big stink about perfume

On Monday ...more

Color me dangerous

I hate being the bearer of bad news. Really, I do....more