In A Pickle

For several years now I have been making my own housecleaning products or using all natural ones. The fact that my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, at 45 years old, has just ramped up my paranoia about environmental factors which lead to cancer. So, I have accordingly ramped up my efforts to live a more chemical free life. ...more

I used to really like the smell of vinegar. Now, not so much. But still, vinegar and baking ...more

Is Your Child's Sunscreen Causing More Harm than Good?

The Centers for Disease Control recently came out with some bad news for nearly all Americans who use sunscreen. A recent study shows one of the commonly used ingredients in most sunscreens (for adults, children as well as babies), a chemical called oxybenzone, has been linked to allergies, hormone disruption, and cell damage. In fact according to the study, 97% of Americans are contaminated with this chemical. ...more

PLASTIC PERIL: Your Baby Could Have A Drinking Problem

There is never too much for a new mom to worry about. My mom assures me that the worrying will never end. “The older they get the more you fret,” she says, “because they’ll no longer rely on your choices to keep them safe”. So becoming a mother is simultaneously a euphoric and alarming experience. One great source of anxiety for me is that everyday there are new child product recalls. I wasn’t prepared for the long list of recalls when I first visited the Consumer Product Safety Commission website ...more

Despite flame retardant and other chemicals found in breast milk, breast is still best

When I made the decision to breastfeed my children, I did so confident in the knowledge that I was doing the best thing for both their health and mine. After all, studies have consistently shown there are numerous health benefits to both mother and baby. ...more

You know, I'd shied away from doing so because Matt is reading it right now. And also because ...more

Toxic Fabric Softeners (smells like a fresh chemical mountain stream!)--

Cross-posted at Non-Toxic Kids ( One of my friends alerted me to the fact that those fabric softener sheets some folks use are chock full of nasty chemicals. I've never used them myself (what! add another step to laundry? I can barely wash my clothes, and my family's clothes, let alone remember to add something else when I do--), but I know people who do. ...more

Hi I like you am very concerned with the chemicals that surround us.  So I am putting a big ...more

Detox your kitchen bench: Six simple things you can do now:

Detox your kitchen bench: Six simple things you can do now: Chemicals and toxins enter our bodies easily either by being inhaled from the air we breathe, absorbed via our skin or ingested through our food and water supplies. They quietly and some times not so quietly build up inside our bodies lodging in our organs, bones and blood stream greatly effecting our health and well being over time. In fact the world health organization says that 90% of disease can be connected to toxins within our environment. ...more

Hi, I agree with all of your tips.  Another great one is a cup of vinegar in your wash ...more