I'm pregnant and have a 2yr old, my house smells of polyurethane, am I or my child at risk? An expert responds.

The KidsChemicalSafety.org website received a question from a concerned pregnant mom.  "My husband refinished the floors in our house. My 2 year old and I went on vacation during this time. He used a couple coats of polyurethane that he finished applying on a Saturday. We came home over a week later, on a Sunday and the house still smells. We’ve been staying in the house now for 2 weeks and I found out I am pregnant (about 5 weeks along)....more

Autism and Glyphosate?

We read with interest the review article entitled “Is there a link between autism and glyphosate-formulated herbicides?” authored by James E. Beecham, a retired University of Florida pathologist, and Stephanie Seneff, a computer scientist with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1]  Our interest was piqued because of our study as toxicologists of glyphosate’s toxicity over a number of years with the University of Ottawa, the U.S....more

KidsChemicalSafety.org Receives Risk Communication Award

On January 15, KidsChemicalSafety.org was honored with the Alliance for Chemical Safety 2013 Risk Communication Award. The risk communication award recognizes a company, organization or individual who has shown outstanding leadership in communicating about chemical risks. The award is based on several factors such as the objective of the communication, size of the intended audience, availability of public interaction, effectiveness of the communication, number of organizations involved, and alignment with the Alliance for Chemical Safety’s mission to promote public understanding and involvement in chemical risk management. ...more