New evidence that "Chemo Brain" is real

If you've struggled with the brain fog that accompanies chemotherapy, you know: "Chemo brain" is real. But it never hurts to have a little scientific proof backing you up!Researchers from West University School of Medicien and West Virginia University Hospitals witness changes to brain function after chemo, including major decreases in brain metabolism.Specifically, the noticed that the regions of the brain that used less energy after chemo were the ones responsible for plannng and prioritizing. Ready for the REALLY serious stat? ...more

3 ways to fight back against "chemo brain"

It doesn't have to be a permanent thing. "Chemo brain" - the mental fog many experience after getting chemotherapy for cancer - can be challenged, and reversed. First, the typical symptoms:- Being forgetful (decreased short-term memory)- Trouble finding the right word for something- Trouble with people's names- Attention/concentration deficits- Trouble planning- DisorganizationHere are some things you can do:...more

It was twenty years ago today….

with apologies to the Beatles…. I had my first cancer diagnosis 20 years ago today. I thank God, Charles Dunton, M.D.,currently of Lankenau Hospital, and his protocolfor starters: they got me through it-the chemo, radiation, radiation implant,andsurgeries.The nursing staff of the oncology floor of Jefferson Hospital were alsoawesome.Top it off with a supportive family, and I am still here today. Thanks, God. ...more

3 Options for a Loved One With "Chemo Brain"

If your loved one is suffering from "chemo brain" -- cognitive impairment caused by chemotherapy-- there are several things you can do to help.1. The Moffitt Cancer Center is currently seeking HEALTHY volunteers for a study on Chemo Brain. They want people with no history of cancer who will agree to give a blood sample and meet with researchers 3 time sover the next year. You'll be paid $20 per visit. Email for more info. By volunteering, you may be helping to fight Chemo Brain for your loved one and others like them....more


Holy S*$*%*%*%!This is really happening. They gave me a tentative schedule for radiation last week, but scrolled across it, in big letters, is WILL CALL TO CONFIRM.They called today. Thursday, 1 pm, I get radiated.I’ve had months to think about this, weeks to actually look into this. And you know what? I feel totally unprepared. I know a lot about radiation. My mom had it. Our friend S. had it. I’ve heard EVERY story: you’ll get no burn, you’ll get a horrible burn, it’s WAY easier than chemo, it’s SO MUCH worse than chemo…....more

Friday's Last {!!} Chemo Weak

Friday afternoon, I lay in bed, looking at the remote just half a stretch across the bed from me. I really didn't want to watch TV, but it just seemed liked it should be on for some reason. Maybe I thought the house was too quiet, maybe I thought its distraction would perk my spirit, maybe it's because I felt like I needed to do something and this was all I felt I could muster. Though I don't know what my motivation was for turning on the TV, I do know, I was offended by the effort that stupid remote, was asking me to make, simply to get to it....more

New cancer test uses a sugar injection!

I'm sure this is more technical than it sounds or someone would have thought of it years ago!Because tumors consume more glucose than healthy tissues, a new MRI scan can detect cancer just by giving the patient an injection of sugar first. (It also works - at least on mice - using the sugar in half a chocolate bar.)They call it glucose chemical exchange saturation transfer (glucoCEST) and it's a relatively simple way to use imaging to map tumors. This is cheaper and less dangerous than traditional injections of radioactive material....more

A Wish for Another Mother

This Mother’s Day, if I could make one request, it would be this: one of my childhood friends, a girl who peppers most of the happiest memories of my youth, needs something, I’d like to help deliver it to her.We fell out of touch as people do, and then reconnected through Facebook. I’ve often chuckled at her pictures, her three rough and tumble boys a stark contrast against my three squealing, boa-loving girls. She in Oklahoma, me in Upstate NY, both so very far from Eugene, Oregon....more

How to Bake Bread in One Easy Invitation: Joe

experimenting with femara

I haven't taken my femara for about 4 weeks now.  I wanted to go off of it for a while to see if my "woman" returned.  That "woman" left me in October 2007 with my first chemo treatment.  When I went to see the oncologist, I begged him to let me stop now, and he just chuckled and said, well i've got bad news, you have another 18 moths and no you cannot stop taking it.  Well I looked that warning in the eye and quit anyway....more
Best to you with the challenges of dealing with the medication part of the ugly cancer. ...more