New evidence that "Chemo Brain" is real

If you've struggled with the brain fog that accompanies chemotherapy, you know: "Chemo brain" is real. But it never hurts to have a little scientific proof backing you up!Researchers from West University School of Medicien and West Virginia University Hospitals witness changes to brain function after chemo, including major decreases in brain metabolism.Specifically, the noticed that the regions of the brain that used less energy after chemo were the ones responsible for plannng and prioritizing. Ready for the REALLY serious stat? ...more

Chemo Brain: It's NOT all in your head!

The good news and bad news are the same: "Chemo brain" isn't all in your head! A new study of 189 breast cancer patients who had recently undergone treatments (and before starting endocrine hormone-replacement therapy) found that there were actual changes to their brain after treatment.Of the 189 patients, 2/3 had breast-conserving surgery, more than 1/2 had chemo and 3/4 had radiation....more

Chemo Brain - Fact or Fiction?

Mom eats breakfast and moments later doesn’t know whether she’s eaten or not.  You might assume such memory loss is to be expected at age 89, but just 2 months ago, when she was also 89, her memory was better than mine. What caused such a rapid decline?  She is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for Lymphoma.  Could she be suffering from “chemo brain”?  When I asked Mom’s doctor about her cognitive changes, the issue was dismissed with a knowing look of “what do you expect at age 89?”.  Am I surprised?  Unfortunately not....more

Hi Susan,

What you're describing about your mom is not uncommon. In fact, some experts ...more

Inner Workings of a Chemo Brain

I sometimes wonder if I’m plagued with one of those trendy alphabet disorders like “OCD” or “ADD” that are favorite topics of morning talk shows.  Or maybe the wiring in my brain temporarily short-circuits, causing the bimbo wires to mingle and override the common sense wires.  Personally, I think it’s chemo brain, a result of my eight rounds of chemotherapy for breast cancer.  Regardless of the underlying cause, foods packaged in neat cardboard boxes, like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, seem to trigger a response that makes me...more

Chemo Brain - Your Brain After Chemo: A Practical Guide to Lifting the Fog and Getting Back Your Focus

Hello Everyone,I am the coauthor of "Your Brain After Chemo: A Practical Guide to Lifting the Fog and Getting Back Your Focus" (Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2009).  The book is about the cognitive impairment that many people experience after going through chemotherapy for cancer.I wrote the book with Dan Silverman, MD, PhD, a neuroscientist at UCLA.  I am a health journalist and a breast cancer survivor. (Doing fine now!)....more

The Power of the Brain

Susan Love’s Army of Women, has posted a Call to Action for women in the San Francisco, Stanford University area to participate in a new study. This study looks at the brain and cognitive function of breast cancer survivors and non survivors. ...more

New Breast Cancer Blog:

Hi Everyone,  I thought you might be interested in our new blog, For breast cancer survivors facing new challenges.  Check it out & stay strong! ...more