The Hardest Part of Hair Loss

As an Alopecian, the hardest part of hair loss for me is that I am assumed to be sick, or more specifically, to have cancer.  Not only don’t I have cancer, but beyond my immune system’s assault on my hair follicles, I am absolutely healthy.  Bummer?  Yes, but life goes on and I choose to move on with it....more

Turn Your Hair Loss Anxiety Into Self-Empowerment

They call it our “crowning glory.” Our hair is the crowning element of our identity - from our femininity, to age, confidence, and style, we communicate a great deal about ourselves by how we wear and style our hair.  Without hair, we feel stripped of our identity, and in the context of cancer, it often feels like we are systematically being stripped o...more

The Swimbeau - The Fashionable Swimcap for Women With Hair Loss

The Beach.  Images of a carefree you, relaxing in the sun, enjoying the sea breeze, splashing in the refreshing oceanic waves.  That’s if you have hair....more

"True Beauty" PSA's - Do They Help?

True beauty is found in your heart, not on your head....more

Hair Loss and Anticipatory Coping Survey