6 Things you Should Know about Breast Cancer that are Rarely Discussed

  My journey with breast cancer started in 2005, and although I was miraculously cured by a new drug, my battle has never stopped. Being a "Survivor" is a term we hear often, but many don't know exactly what that means. After watching my sister get diagnosed five years after me, I literally had to endure it all again. Here are just six things we had to deal with? I'd love for you to add some of yours?...more

Now That "Breast Cancer Awareness" Month is Over...

When I got my breast cancer diagnosis, I went thru denial. What? Me? Breast cancer? No, way! I have no family history! I do my "yearlies," blah, blah, blah. I saw the mammogram, biopsies, and double mastectomy I had as "out of body" experiences. Happened to somebody else.  Or downplay it, "Well, yes, I had breast cancer," I'd say to friends and family, "but.....not so bad," then change the subject. Then October started and "Breast Cancer Awareness" campaigns were everywhere! From "Good Morning America" to the NFL. Couldn't get away from it--pink, pink, pink!...more

"I Have Stage IV Cancer and I'm Getting Married. Help!"

Most women have suffered great angst over planning their wedding day, and some even suffer from something called "post-wedding blues," but can you imagine what it would be like to be diagnosed with cancer in the midst of planning this special day?...more
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One Person Can Change the World: I'm Living Proof!

Everyone knows someone, who knows someone, with cancer. It is a hard thing to go through, or watch someone you love go through, but knowing there are folks out there sacrificing their own lives to save others brings me great joy. If he had given up on his dream anywhere along the way, I wouldn't be here now. ...more
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How To Make Chemo Suck Less

Last month I shared some of the things I liked to keep in my hospital bag during chemotherapy. As you know, my melanoma treatment had two parts, one month of daily infusions at the hospital and eleven months of shots at home....more

Things to Pack in Your Chemo Bag (or For Any Hospital Stay)

Here are some of the things I liked to have with me in the hospital.  This bag is for those day stays but it would also work as a base for an overnight visit. ...more
Will share this with a friend who is an oncology nurse.  No doubt her patients will find this ...more

Mom didn't want to die.

She found the energy SomehowTo get to the clinicFor another appointment.Only to find outHer blood work was too low.No chemotherapy.The disappointment ...more

Surviving the cancer clinic, one appointment at a time.

We stood out In the sea of patients.Mom was always smiling.She was always thankful,To the nurses.She became connected, To these women.She began to refer to them as, ...more

The fall.

She wasn’t able to have her chemotherapy.I saw the disappointment in her face.Her blood work was too low.It happened two times in a row. Mom knew what it meant.We all did.  ...more