Pancakes with Lime Cherry Sauce

The best pancakes are made at home. Fluffy, delicate and delicious. Instead of buying frozen pancakes and the store they should be made at home. They are quick to make, probably less than 30 minutes. Sometimes the time is limited in the morning but these hot cakes are definitely worth extra effort to make them....more

Coconut Cherry Smoothie

Before we talk about this smoothie, lets talk about a couple changes that we are making at Q+T. You may have noticed our menu has been tweaked to include more specific recipe options and a broader lifestyle category. That's because over the next few months we have decided to put a lot of our effort and attention into bringing you new recipes. There are a few reasons for this but the two biggies are 1....more

Go Beyond Sweet Cherry Pie with 10 Amazing Cherry Recipes

I love cherries. Sweet cherries, sour cherries, cherry pie filing out of a can, maraschino cherries, dried cherries -- you name it, I love it. I even love Warrant's Cherry Pie (you're welcome.) When cherry season rolls around, I'm one heck of a happy woman. I buy bag after bag and then... I just eat them straight out of the bag. I always think that I should make something with the cherries but I don't. Not because we don't have a cherry pitter. ...more
I have a cherry pitter that was about $8 and let's me pit 6 cherries at a time. It's really easy ...more

Overnight Banana Cherry Pudding

This Overnight Banana Cherry Pudding is a vegan and gluten-free raw, high-fiber breakfast. It features mashed banana, fresh cherries, flax and chia seeds....more

Cherry Dump Cake

Dump cakes are the easiest and possibly the best of all cake recipes to make at home. This Cherry Dump Cake is a truly effortless dessert – you just take a few ingredients (one of which is canned or homemade cherry pie filling), dump them into a pan, and bake in the oven. You have a tasty cake with almost no effort at all. Last week I made this cake using baking soda and I mixed all ingredients together. The final result was good to eat, but it didn’t look nice – it had some unappealing greenish/purple color....more

Black Forest Cherry Muffins

You can’t go wrong with a dessert so here are some yummy Black Forest Cherry Muffins Recipe.  No frosting necessary.  It is October so I thought I would make some recipes to celebrate Oktoberfest.  Also, my husband has run out of sweet snacks and I need to restock the freezer.  These muffins have little bits of chocolate spread throughout and the texture is moist.  Combined with the cherries it will become one of our favorites....more

Cherry Corona Rita

I am seriously hanging by the threads this week. I've been through a lot of stress at work and trying to finish up two finals. I could use one of these drinks right now!! Thankfully the summer semester is over this Thursday!...more

Coincidental Celebration

Every day is a different food holiday, it seems. My twitter stream never fails to remind me about Grilled Cheese Day or Hot Dog Day or Chocolate Day or whatnot. As silly as the notion is, as a food blogger I don’t mind these theme holidays since they provide good inspiration for what to make. Well, you know, even the most creative cook may need a bit of nudge from time to time when ideas run low. And then there are those strange moments when all the stars align....more