Mini Chevron Calendar Sets

Happy Friday!!! Boy it sure has been a long week. Then I thought yesterday was Friday so, what a let down when I realized I had one more day of work. Not that work is a bad thing it just stinks when you think its the weekend and its not. I think I was even commenting for people to have a good weekend and it was only Wednesday. Lol, oh well…...more

The Chevron Dog

Most recently, I have been inspired by those cute little chevron prints. You know the zigzag patterns with fun colors and a silhouette of a popular dog breed.  I was wanting a fun hook for my dog's leashes, so I thought: "Hey, I will make a Chevron Dog painting of my dog, Java, add a couple of hooks and there I go!" For those who know me...usually when I want something, I want it yesterday. So, I broke out a 12 x 12 canvas board and got busy! First step: Draw my chevron pattern. ...more

Recent Decor Finds

chevron manicure tutorial


Punking Politics As Usual

When one of the six "supermajor" oil companies in the world rolls out an ad campaign channeling the wheat-paste, street-artist look typically associated with low/no budget activist posters rarely found in glossy magazines and on network TV commercials, it's a sign. Something's up. An oil company appropriates the look of a social justice campaign for one reason and one reason only: greenwashing. ...more

@Deb - I hope you're right, although, Mad Men has done a great job of rebranding feminism. Just ...more

Mario Andretti Schools Chevron Employees for Global Road Safety Week

Road crashes are among the leading cause of death globally and are recognized as the Number One cause of death in the industry. The devastation the loss of life and serious injury wreaks on the families, friends, communities and victims themselves is incalculable. Yet, many road traffic crashes are preventable....more